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Alter Bridge



Myles Kennedy – lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar

Mark Tremonti – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Brian Marshall – bass

Scott Phillips – drums, percussion


            Alter Bridge’s story is one that most people know. Coming from the heels of controversy in another band Alter Bridge was born. The formation came after Marshall left the band Creed after two albums while Tremonti and Phillips stayed around long enough for a third album and a controversial tour. Creed then went inactive in 2003 and that year Tremonti began to write new material with plans of a new band. Phillips and Marshall quickly joined and they decided to invite Myles Kennedy to head the vocals. The announcement of the new band as well as the announcement of the break up of Creed came in 2004. Later that year Alter Bridge released their debut album One Day Remains. Several tracks made their way into the WWE as well as some movie soundtracks. 2006 seen the band leaving their label and sign with a new one. The next year the new label was announced and the new album hit the stores. Blackbird received positive reviews and moved the band into the next realm. The guys then took a break from Alter Bridge in 2009 while a Creed reunion tour and new album surfaced. Kennedy took the time to work on a solo album as well as working with Velvet Revolver’s Slash on his project. Mid-2010 the band reported another label change and their third album ABIII. After touring in support of the album members again turned their attention to other projects. Creed once again surfaced as did solo projects, new bands, and collaborations, but they never once forgot about Alter Bridge. December 2012 they met to discuss the next chapter which turned out to produce the bands forth album. Released in October 2013, Fortress, features 12 tunes that spread 63 minutes. They get the album going withCry of Achilles.” The track begins slowly with a nice array of guitar picking before the rest of the guys get involved to round out the intro section. The vocals then roll in with the classic Alter Bridge style. The track sounds decent, but seems to last a little too long as I found myself drifting off and back again. There are great guitar solos that pull you back in and of course they are accompanied by solid drums. Those sections are really the stars of this number. “Addicted to Pain” steps up next with a great vibe. The track moves along with ease and you can follow along with the upbeat tempo easily as well. The vocals are more up front in this number while the drums hammer away in the back. This is a number that I think many fans will let play all the way through. “Bleed It Dry” opens up with some heavy tunes before the vocals come strolling in. They then give way just a bit for the verses, however the chorus sections of the song they spike back up. They also throw in a nice twist about two and a half minutes in. The guitar solo during that part of the tune is tremendous and will have your full attention. It’s a solid number with twists, turns, and extra vocals. “Lover” is a very slow track that is flooded with emotion and passion. As you listen you can just imagine couples holding each other while the band plays the track up on stage. It’s a very strong track that I can see doing some great work. I do also feel though that some of the vocals are a little forced. “The Uninvited” draws you in with its odd intro as it should peak your interest. The track then mellows out offering up a smooth tune with clean vocals and sweeping tunes. I would say the tune is in the middle of the pack with its arrangement that it gives listeners. “Peace Is Broken” wraps up the first half of the album with another decent tune. The smooth vocals are back once again while the tunes truck along with ease. The track really doesn’t stand out above the others, but there is still no reason to skip it. There is still enough for you to hang around. “Calm The Fire” slows the album down once again. They get the tune going with odd sounding vocals and symphony sounding music. That lasts around a minute before the band comes in strong with driving drums and flying guitars. The track pushes along easily as vocals are coming from all over the place. This is a tune that you can really get into. “Waters Rising” is a well organized tune that will have you coming back time and time again. I love the vibe and sound of this track. The lyrics are also top notch and easy to follow along with. The vocals are clean and clear while the music strikes a nerve with you. Everything just comes together extremely well in this tune. “Farther Than the Sun” continues the 2nd half onslaught that Fortress is. The track offers up some killer tunes and the guitar solo is off the hook. You can really get into it as you will find yourself head-banging a little bit. The vocals are again clear and easy to follow along with. They do have that whining sound to them that is classic AB. “Cry A River” keeps the tempo up and the vocals run through some lyrics as well. I do feel that it will get lost in the shuffle although it’s a pretty good sounding offering. The guitar solo is top notch and the drums drive the track along while the vocals are the normal style. “All Ends Well” slows the album down once again. The track is decent, but I really didn’t feel a connection with the offering. You can tell it’s an emotional tune, because of the way the music is played and the vocals give up the lyrics. I just wasn’t feeling the track myself. “Fortress” concludes the album with a high powered number that can’t be ignored. The titled-cut is top notch and should be stored in everyone’s iPod. The guitar solo is excellent and the drums that go along with it help it along and achieve a great instrumental section. It is the longest tune on the record clocking in at over 7 minutes, but don’t let that detour you from taking it in over and over again. Overall this album is pretty good. The first half of the record seemed like it was lacking a little something for the most part, but they definitely found it during the second half of the album. The vocals are solid throughout, but could use a little bit of changing from time to time. With that said though, you can’t mistake them for another band and I like that. They have a unique sound to them and they stick to it. This album is no different. There are so many tracks that you can hang onto and come back to. You can really connect with them. Lyrically the album is strong, but I believe that it’s the music that makes the tracks really stand out.


Rating: 8 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Calm The Fire, Waters Rising, Fortress


Track List:

  1. Cry Of Achilles
  2. Addicted To Pain
  3. Bleed It Dry
  4. Lover
  5. The Uninvited
  6. Peace Is Broken
  7. Calm The Fire
  8. Waters Rising
  9. Farther Than the Sun
  10. Cry A River
  11. All Ends Well
  12. Fortress


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