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Alter Bridge - Blackbird

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Alter Bridge



Myles Kennedy – Vocals, Guitar

Mark Tremonti – Guitar

Brian Marshall – Bass

Scott Phillips – Drums


            A new label, a new album, and a new powerhouse performance from a band called Alter Bridge. “Blackbird,” which hit stores Oct 9th on Universal Republic, hits new highs for this stunning Florida band. After the success of their debut album “One Day Remains” via Wind-up Records, Alter Bridge hit the road on tour and never went back to Wind-up. After leaving the label they spent the better part of 2006 working on new material and finding their newest label. Although most bands have trouble coming back from a label switch, alter bridge channeled the experience and turn focus on the present instead of the past. The result…….a record that was probably beyond anybody’s expectations. This album is way beyond what the 3 times platinum “One Day Remains” was and should rake in at the very least equal selling numbers of the debut. As just a fan, not a critic, I absolutely loved the first album and “Blackbird” crushes my feelings of it.“Blackbird” easily can be placed in the Album of the Year category. This is chalked full of big riffs, solos, magnificent vocals, and I didn’t even mention the lyrics. The album starts off with an amazing song “Ties That Bind.” It starts with a kick ass guitar then the drums enter in and the album explodes! “Come To Life” reminds me a little bit of their debut album, but with a nice vocal twist. Those added effects give the song a different dimension then most of the other songs. “Buried Alive,” has great guitar play and very nice mixed vocals. “Coming Home,” should be an awesome live song the way it starts with a variety of cords. “Rise Today,” single number 1, is a complete song. It has everything that a rock and want….great music, vocals, and lyrics. One by One is one of the more solid sounding tracks on the album. This album is one of the best of the year and every Alter Bridge fan should be very happy with this effort.


Rating:  9 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Ties That Bind, Come To Life, Rise Today, and One by One


Track List:

1.      Ties That Bind

2.      Come To Life

3.      Brand New Start

4.      Buried Alive

5.      Coming Home

6.      Before Tomorrow Comes

7.      Rise Today

8.      Blackbird

9.      One By One

10.  Watch Over You

11.  Break Me Down

12.  White Knuckles

13.  Wayward One


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