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All Time Low

Dirty Work


Alexander Gaskarth - lead vocals, guitars
Jack Barakat – guitars, vocals

Zachary Merrick – bass, vocals

Rian Dawson – drums


            Starting as a cover band of pop punk bands, All Time Low took the first step to their current career. They signed their first record deal in 2004 and release they first EP that same year. The very next year they stuck stores with their debut full-length album The Party Scene. All this was done as well as signing with Hopeless Records even before they graduated high school in 2006. The guys then released their second EP and then their second LP in 2007. Two years later they struck again with their third release titled, Nothing Personal. The band then began to write for their fourth album and first to be released on Interscope Records. Before that album hit stores though, the band recorded and released a CD/DVD of a show in New York City. Now in June 2011, the new studio album Dirty Work is out and doing work. Let’s dive into this 15 track album and see what it offers. It opens up with “Do You Want Me (Dead?).” The track gets the album going with great energy and an awesome blend of vocals and tunes. The multiple vocals swarm around your head while the music will have you moving in no time. It’s a very catchy tune that could kick start a party instantly. “I Feel Like Dancing” continues the party with infectious lyrics, and a vibe that will have you moving and holding your beer up high. The vocals are super clear and deliver those great lyrics perfectly. I can just see the crowd during this tune. The band sounds like they are having way too much fun and I’m sure that the crowd will be too. “Forget About It” offers up some great transitions from slow to a fast moving tune. They blend them really well. There is also a section of the track where it’s just vocals and a simple guitar, but it delivers a couple lasting lines that people will be screaming. It’s just so much damn fun. “Guts” adds in some extra sounds to spice it up, but they really don’t take it over the hump. This track is a bit slower than the rest. They scale back the energy and place some emotion in instead. It’s not a bad track with descent tunes and solid vocals, but it just doesn’t get the job completely done as it leaves you wanting a bit more. The ending is the best part of the tune. “Time-Bomb” holds back the just a bit. The track it still an upbeat number, but it is not as explosive as the others before it. The number is still very good though, it’s just refined. The vocals are super clear and you can dance along with it easily. “Just The Way I’m Not” has an awesome vibe and is easy to follow. The gang vocal section is up in the air as it’s a bit clustered, but there not terribly bad. I think this one walks a thin line. You will either love it or hate it, there’s nothing in between. “Under A Paper Moon” is a killer tune that rips through the time it has with you. It has a killer vibe with great guitar picking and descent drums. The track comes together very nicely and will have a crowd going nuts. The track is yet another one that his so easy to get into that you will get lost in it. “Return the Favor” flirts with being a slower tune, but still gets up there with their some sections. Other than a few flair-ups from the guitars the track just floats right past. “No Idea” is kind of in the same boat as “Return the Favor.” There are some bright spots, but for the most part it glides by. The vocals are good and the music is as well, but it just doesn’t hold your attention as it should. “A Daydream Away” busts out the acoustic guitar for a simple little number that seems to go on forever. The track will grow on you as you find yourself liking it more and more every time you hear it. The vocals will take your breath away as the simple music burrows into your head. “That Girl” will have fans in an uproar. It has that sound that is infectious and you can’t get out of your head. The vocals flirt with a pop rap style as they rattle of the lyrics. The upbeat vibe sticks with you while you will begin singing with the tune without even knowing it. “Heroes” hits the ground running and keeps going. The tune has a great vibe as the drums get to go off the hook. The multiple vocals blend well as they deliver great lyrics. They slow things down in the middle of the track to set you up for the finish when they come back and strike with some metal growls before heading back to the gang vocals. “Get Down On Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me” will drive you crazy. The catchy number will have you jumping and dancing in no time at all. It has great vocals and the music that accompanies them is good as well. It’s a driving number that is sure to be repeated over and over. “My Only One” skates past with a descent sound and okay vocals, but just doesn’t hold your interest. The album ends with “Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass” a catchy tune that will have you laughing and singing along. With the infectious lyrics and awesome tunes it is a perfect way to end this album. Overall this is a very enjoyable album. There are several all-star tracks on this album with a couple others that are fly-by offerings. The vocals are great in nearly every tune with the exception of one or two. The use of gang vocals is well done. They are blended well and flow easily. The guitars get a chance to flair a few times and the drums hammer away a couple of times too. The album is very catch and hard to ignore. These guys keep building steam and with album I don't think they slow down at all.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

I Feel Like Dancing, Heroes, Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass


Track List:

  1. Do You Want Me (Dead?)
  2. I Feel Like Dancing
  3. Forget About It
  4. Guts
  5. Time-Bomb
  6. Just The Way I’m Not
  7. Under A Paper Moon
  8. Return the Favor
  9. No Idea
  10. A Daydream Away
  11. That Girl
  12. Heroes
  13. Get Down On Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me
  14. My Only One
  15. Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass

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