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All That Remains

For We Are Many


Philip Labonte – vocals

Mike Martin – rhythm guitar

Oli Herbert – lead guitar

Jeanne Sagan – bass guitar

Jason Costa – drums


500,000 albums in the United States alone not even Bart Simpson can say that. All That Remains hailing from Springfield, Massachusetts, which formed in 1998 has released 5 albums and 1 live record. The first album Behind Silence and Solitude was released on March 26, 2002 through Prosthetic Records. Nearly to years from the day of the debut album the band hit stores with its second release This Darkened Heart. Staying true to form album three was released in july 2006. The Fall of Ideals is considered the breakthrough release and was apart of Ozzfest 2006 and 2008 Van's Warped Tour. Their two year release schedule seemed to be on once again with the 2008 release of Overcome. A spot on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival tour ensued as well as co-headlining tour with Devil Wears Prada. They are now back again after two years with their newest album  For We Are Many. The album features twelve tracks, spreading 40 minutes beginning with “Now Let Them Tremble…,” which is a short clip that builds and builds as an instrumental (besides about 6 words) leading the way to the next track. It has an awesome sound that sets the stage for the album. “For We Are Many” is the first real track that wastes no time getting going. The drums pounds away as the guitars rip and roar. Multiple vocals come rushing in and out throughout the entire offering. The guitar solo is great and is sure to get the crowd riled up if that’s even possible. It’s a true metal tune. “The Last Time” begins with a more refined sound and continues it through to the vocals. you can hear what is being said and its easy to sing along with. The sound is super clear and they let the guitars step up from time to time for some of the spotlight. The drums lead the tunes down an awesome path to complete a song that will rocket to the top. “Some of the People, All of the Time” heads back to the thrashing metal with screams and yells. The fast paced song is sure to stir up a huge moshpit as well. The section that makes the song though is when they slow the track down like the second full track. Those two styles placed in that arrangement makes for an awesome tune. “Won’t Go Quietly” gets off the ground quickly with an array of guitars that swarm right before the drums come in and place their imprint on the track. The song roars with its tunes while the melody comes streaming from the vocal set. They do place in some screams in the vocal set as well, but the transitions are very smooth. You will fall in love with this track. “Aggressive Opposition” gets back to the aggressive side of things with an angry sounding tune. the vocals are nasty with the low growling style. They do get a couple of breaks as the a normal set arrives from time to time and a nice solo section of the tunes. “From the Outside” has a new balance of vocal style with section where you can go nuts and thrash, but also with sections where you can sign along. The is a solid track. “Dead Wrong” get going with a huge riff and pounding drums. They are quickly accompanied by an onslaught of vocals coming at you from all angles ready to steamroll anything that gets in their way. Its just another tune to place into that heavy metal, heart pounding, kick your ass, category. All That Remains rips through like a tornado on a spring day. “Faithless” is an awesome tune that will quickly engulf you. The multiple vocals are easy to decipher and the tunes will have you hopping and moving. “Hold On” continues on with a sick groove for their intro then the rest of the band shows up to complete the song. It’s another awesome track with a huge solo section. The guitar let completely loose as the drums give some tremendous backup. The way it ends will have you saying “come on!!!” and that’s exactly what they do with “Keepers Of Fellow Man.” It hammers home a pounding offering that will have the headbangers out in full force. The growling/screaming vocals are back for a more powerful role for this one. It has a great groove and there is one part in the track that will give you a little smile, but you have to listen close. “The Waiting One” closes out the album with a softer tune that has power oozing from every nook and cranny. The vocals will move you as the music will have you pulling your lighters out. It is a great end to this hard and heavy album. The album has a lot to offer. The various vocal styles adds depth to the album. they do a great job placing them in the right spots. Most are not overdone or forced like those styles can be sometimes. The guitars are awesome as they fly high several times throughout the album and there are many chances to bust out those air guitars. The drums lay down some heavy and fast work. They might have your head spinning a few times. Overall this is a serious metal album that I would be glad and proud to have in my collection


Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

The Last Time, Won’t Go Quietly, Faithless, Hold On

Track List:

  1. Now Let Them Tremble…
  2. For We Are Many
  3. The Last Time
  4. Some of the People, All of the Time
  5. Won’t Go Quietly
  6. Aggressive Opposition
  7. From the Outside
  8. Dead Wrong
  9. Faithless
  10. Hold On
  11. Keepers Of Fellow Man
  12. The Waiting One

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