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All American Rejects

Kids in the Street


Tyson Ritter – Lead vocals, bass guitar

Nick Wheelerlead guitar, backing vocals

Mike Kennertyrhythm guitar, backing vocals

Chris Gaylordrums, percussion


            Oklahoma! Where the, oh crap I’m not singing I’m typing. What am I typing about this time? The All American Rejects have a new album out titled Kids in the Street. The band got started back in 1999 and made a demo in 2000. They made another demo in 2001as well as their self-titled debut album. They hit the road for awhile for the Too Bad For Hell Tour and the Vans Warped Tour. In July 2005 the guys released their second album with its first single being “Dirty Little Secret.” 2008 finally seen their third album hit store shelves. Four years later the Rejects are back with their new album Kids in the Street. The album features 11 tracks with the deluxe edition having an extra 4 tunes on it. The album gets started with “Somebody’s Grave.”  The track gets off on a weird foot as they are all over the place for a few seconds then abandon the entire concept and slow the track down. They then begin to build the track up, but it never fully erupts. Instead it teases a few times with its clear vocals and simple music. The sound is solid and the track is easy to get into. It gets your mouth watering for more. “Beekeeper’s Daughter” sounds like a beach stoner track. The vocals are way laid back with a little bit of arrogance to them. The guitars lay down simple guitar picking right up front with some electric guitars floating in the back ground. There are a few cords that Weezer jumped into my head, but this is far from a knock-off. It sounds like they had fun with this number and I think it will be a nice change of pace during a live set. “Fast and Slow” is a track that I don't see doing much. It has several different vocal sets floating in and out of the track and a solid beat, but nothing that will have you coming back. I didn’t hear much in the terms of special elements. It’s also has a very odd section that will have you thinking, “what the…” “Heartbeat Slowing Down” is a slower tune with emotion flooding from the soul of the track. The vocals deliver the lyrics in a sober fashion while sounds are flying around in the background. I can see this one hitting the big screen, but I can’t see it on the radio. “Walk Over Me” begins with a quick voiceover before bringing in the big guns for a track that could do some serious work. They rev up the guitars and let the drums loose to create a solid beat that would get anyone moving. The vocals are fun and fresh while they deliver a quirky lyrical set. There are plenty of places the guys can get a crowd involved and you can sing right along in your car. “Out The Door” begins with just a low guitar that cruises along by itself before the vocals come in. The drums finally enter the ranks and provide some more depth to the track. The tune never really opens up fully, but the quirky sound keeps you around to the end. It’s a unique track that raises an eyebrow or two. The titled cut “Kids In The Street” steps up to the plate next. The track has a lot of extra stuff going on throughout the track and repeats the title a few more times than I would like to have heard. The extra items sprinkle some fun in the track and may put a smile on your face. The tune is smooth and flows well. The vocals are super clear and easy to pick up. The vibe is decent and I think some people will embrace this offering. “Bleed Into Your Mind” is a simple tune with some acoustic guitars and a whip; yes I said a whip or at least a sound of one. The track jumps into your face part way through the track and it will have you taking a step back. The track is a bit weird and I think it will get lost in the shuffle. “Goazo” takes some time to get going, but finally gets there. The track flows pretty good as the drums guide the track along. The guitars play around a little while the vocals sweep through the lyrical set. The tune does get a little clustered in a couple places and some of the sounds coming out of those sections are a bit distracting. “Affection” is a very strange track. The lyrics just babble on and on about nothing really. The do break out into this huge showing ending musical number while keeping the same lyrics which helps a little, but not enough for you to stick around. It may sound better live, but it certainly sounds like a mini train wreck on the album. “I For You” ends the regular edition of this album. It’s a slow track with simple guitars and soft spoken vocals that stick around of the duration of the track. They truck along for the short two plus minute tune which ends up not doing much. “Drown Next To Me” begins the bonus tunes. It’s a slow moving tune that offers up clear vocals and simple sounding music. It’s a lot like the rest of the album and blends in well. The bad thing it though is the fact that it blends in. It really doesn’t spice up the album much and that might be why it was left off the regular release. A couple of demos step up next and it always is fun to see how a track started. “Someday’s Gone (Demo)” sounds really good with some fresh guitars that seem to overpower everything. The vocals are hidden behind them which is probably one reason it was adjusted. It still sounds solid and fun. This adds some value to the deluxe release. “Bleed Into Your Mind (Demo)” is the second demo that the finished product made the album. This version is a decent sounding track that I think that I would listen to begin with. The one major adjustment is the beginning to me. They also change up some of the extras throughout the track, but that whip is still there. “Do Me Right (Demo)” concludes the deluxe release with a great track. It has a great upbeat vibe that is super catchy. The multiple vocals come in and out of the track with ease and the music of the tune will stick in your head. Overall the album is okay. There are some tracks that I would listen to as they come over the radio or a shuffle of an iPod. There was nothing that I would hit repeat time and time again, but with that said only a track or two would be skipped. The vocals are solid. They fly in and out of every track. They maintain clarity with each transition. The music isn’t bad either, but it’s the odd junk that I’m concerned with. I think that they add too much in many of the tracks and jumble them all up. It’s not something that sounds good to me. If they calmed down on some of it in during that album I think that the tracks would sound better. Not all of them need to be toned down though. There are some that work and work well. I think true ARR fans will like this, but I don't see them gaining many new fans with this type of album.


Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Walk Over Me, Out The Door, Do ME Right (Demo)


Track List:

  1. Somebody’s Grave
  2. Beekeeper’s Daughter
  3. Fast and Slow
  4. Heartbeat Slowing Down
  5. Walk Over Me
  6. Out The Door
  7. Kids In The Street
  8. Bleed Into Your Mind
  9. Goazo
  10. Affection
  11. I For You

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Drown Next To Me
  2. Someday’s Gone (Demo)
  3. Bleed Into Your Mind (Demo)
  4. Do Me Right (Demo)

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