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Alex Band

We’ve All Been There

            Beginning as a 15 year old signed recording artist has to be something, but add to the fact that you last name is “band” makes it more flavorful. Alex began his career with a band currently named “The Calling.” With two albums under his belt and a hiatus of the band left him deciding to start a solo career. He signed his first solo contract with Geffen Records, but due to his debut release being pushed back several times the two split. Now with a new label and several odd releases on soundtracks and for TV shows Alex is ready to let the world hear a full length solo record. Hitting stores in mid-July 2010 the fourteen track album will showoff his talents. It opens up with the title cut “We’ve All Been There.” It opens up with a powerful voice streaming for the mass to take in. the music fallows every footstep that the vocals take. The guitars cruise right along as the drums hammer home an awesome beat. They go nuts with a tremendous musical section around the middle point of the track that will leave you screaming and craving more. They also have some string fluttering throughout the track enhancing the experience even more. “What Is Love” follows that title cut with another great vocal performance. The music provides a solid base for the passionate vocals to flood your ears with great lyrics. It does get a bit long as they begin to repeat a little too much. “Tonight” slows the album down as more powerful vocals come strolling in demanding everyone’s attention as “Forever Yours” gets a bit more technical with some effects and okay drums. The two combine for a great platform for the lyrics to set upon and reveal themselves to the world. “Please” keeps the album slow with an even slower offering. the music is brilliant in this track as it flairs up from time to time with huge sections of a symphony behind Alex. The track with surround and overtake you, leaving you speechless. “Will Not Back Down” adds some more effects and keys as that distinctive voice comes walking in with some backing help. The music is also phenomenal once again with something new around ever corner. He is becoming a magician as you are amazing at every step. “Euphoria” is another slower type from with a great set of vocals and lyrics as “Never Let You Go” is a heart-felt track with passionate and emotion vocals penetrating your heart and staying there. “Only One” follows in the footsteps of the last few tracks. They continue to be the same style of song with different lyrics and a few changes in music. The tracks are good on their own, but one right after another on an album starts to get a bit old. “Leave” is another track like that, but it starts really weird though. They quickly gets past that delivers a hell of a track. It has more to offer than the last couple of tracks. They have numerous vocals supporting Alex which enhances the lead a lot during this track. “Holding On” is yet another slower track that shows off the range of Alex. He lets everything go and tries to hit a home run with the offering. the vocals coincide with the music in perfect precision. “Without You” gets a bit faster which is much needed for the album. it was getting too minuteness the way it was. This adds a bit of spice and flair to the album. the vocals still maintain strong, but the tunes really make this track. “Love” tracks along with cool music and effects surrounding a chorus lifting the song on its shoulders while Alex accompanies them to produce an amazing sound. “Starting Over Again” ends the album with a soft track. He brings the acoustic guitar along with him on this journey that concludes what have been in the making for years. Its an epic sounding track that brings this album closure. It has tremendous vocals and awesome music. Overall this album is solid. The middle is the only troublesome part of the album. it just started lull me to sleep. Like I said earlier, if the tracks were listened to one by one and not right after one another everything would be fine. Each track is good, but they get all jumbled up together as they sound similar. The vocals are really powerful throughout the album. they really star and steal the spotlight overtop everything else. This debut solo album is good and shows off the writing capability of Alex. I’d like to see some fast stuff from him to spice the album up more and diversify it.


Rating: 8 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

We’ve All Been There, Please,


Track List:

  1. We’ve All Been There
  2. What Is Love
  3. Tonight
  4. Forever Yours
  5. Please
  6. Will Not Back Down
  7. Euphoria
  8. Never Let You Go
  9. Only One
  10. Leave
  11. Holding On
  12. Without You
  13. Love
  14. Starting Over Again

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