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The Emptiness


Dennis "Denny Diablo" Lee – screaming vocals

Shawn Milke – vocals, guitar, piano, strings

Patrick "Peezee" Thompson – lead guitar, backing vocals

Jeremy "Jables" Bryan – drums

Shane Crump – bass guitar, backing vocals

Jake Campbell – rhythm guitar, backing vocals


             Although the band's members first began playing together in Baltimore Maryland, the band officially formed in October 2004 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Alesana was the first band to join Tragic Hero Records in 2005, and their 3 demo songs titled "Apology", "Beautiful in Blue" and "Goodbye, Goodnight for Good" which were featured on a compilation All The Tragedy Money Can Buy. Later they released their debut EP, Try This With Your Eyes Closed, in May of that year. On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax, in the summer of 2006. In late 2006, they signed on to Fearless Records, which re-released their LP in March 2007 to mixed reviews. In 2008 Alesana finished recording their second album, "Where Myth Fades to Legend". The album was released on June 3, 2008, but was leaked on major torrent site early. The newest album The Emptiness hit stores early 2010 and debuted at 68 on the 200 charts. Spreading nearly 50 minutes long it opens up with “Curse of the Virgin Canvas” which opens up with an interlude. Once it is over an epic sound comes across your ears with soaring guitars and steady vocals lead vocals. Screaming vocals comes flying in knocking you over making you take a step back. They also include several other backing vocals and some low growls that enhance the whirl wind of vocals. At first it’s hard to grasp the track with the audibles that are called, but after a few times you can get into the groove of it. It closes out with the second part of the interlude then flows right into “The Artist.” It blazes from the very start with killer fast guitars, pounding drums, and vocals attacking your eardrums from all angles. It flows extremely well and doesn’t have to much extra shit clogging up the scenery. “Alunatic’s Lament” begins slowly with a soft spoken voice lead by some simple drums. It then opens up with the multiple vocal sets coming in and out as well as coinciding. It has a couple of brief slow downs also like they are gathering strength for a blast, a calm before the storm. “The Murderer” gets a bit sick and twisted with eerie low growling vocals, some screaming and fast paced drums, but they also place in some mosh pitting and jumping segments throughout the track for a change of pace. “Hyme For the Shameless” streams in nice and slow then erupts with screams and growls that demand you attention like a drill sergeant. The lead vocals come strolling in with a great sound. They keep rotating the 2 types for the length of the track yet the lead vocals take over the majority of the song. The music falls into line in the background with a few flair ups from the guitars. The lead single “The Thespian” includes the third of four interludes. It jump starts your feet right from the very first note. The fast paced track really gets your blood flowing and its get super catchy. The blend the screams and growls against the pop stlye the music and the lead vocals bring to the table.  It’s a solid track that I think brings two worlds together. “Heavy Hangs the Albatross” is much of the same with the combinations of the two styles, yet they seem to be more on the pop/punk side of things during this offering. They place a voiceover to add some spice and the growls enhance the track as well. “The Lover” gives more of the hardcore edge to it as the growls and screams are more abundant than the past couple of tracks. They add a dimension to the song, but you really can’t understand what they say so it really doesn’t help the song a bunch besides a different effect. “In Her Tomb By the Sounding Sea” is another blended track that offer up both vocal styles at one time throughout the track as “To Be Scared By An Owl” is another blazing track with awesome guitars that soar higher than ever before. The catchy track should be a fan favorite especially at a live show where they can let loose and go nuts. It does close up with the final interlude. The album finishes up with “Annabel” the longest track on the album. It maintains the sound that is on much of the album with growls and screams places throughout the track with the punk/pop side of things getting more of the face time. Overall the album streams along with the same style in nearly every track. There are a few tracks that light the stage up, but the others just trudge along. If the tracks changed a bit more there would be several more tracks that stand out amongst the others. The lead vocals are great while the screams are very hard to hear most of the time. They do add in some spice and mix up the tracks, but with the lack of substance it hurts as much as it helps. The music as well doesn’t really flair up too much. It doesn’t let the guitars or drums loose very often and don’t have that driving factor for the fans to go wild on.   

Rating: 7 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

The Artist, The Thespian, To Be Scared By An Owl


Track List:

  1. Curse of the Virgin Canvas
  2. The Artist
  3. Alunatic’s Lament
  4. The Murderer
  5. Hyme For the Shameless
  6. The Thespian
  7. Heavy Hangs the Albatross
  8. The Lover
  9. In Her Tomb By the Sounding Sea
  10. To Be Scared By An Owl
  11. Annabel

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