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Airbourne - Runnin' Wild

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Joel O’Keeffe – Vocals, Lead Guitars
David Roads – Guitars

Justin Street – Bass

Ryan O’Keeffe – Drums

             Airbourne is spreading like the flu, from on radio station to the next. The newest high flying band from down-under is has hit the U.S. with an aerial assault of blistering guitars and ear stinging lyrics. To get it out of the way, yes……they do sound a bit like ACDC, but don’t judge just yet, listen first and then you can. The band opens up with “Stand Up For Rock ‘N’ Roll” which they do just fine doing. If you are going to place that first on your album you better be able to back it up. With those outrageous guitar solos and big time vocals that did more than just stand up for it, they raised the bar. Next is the title track “Runnin’ Wild.” It starts with another great intro and transitions to a kick ass party. “Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast” is a true rock anthem. It will be on the radio for years to come, just like “Highway to Hell.” The forth track “Diamond in the Rough” really sums the band up for me. RoadRunner Records really did find a diamond in the rough when they signed this band. “Blackjack” is a high energy, fist pumping track. It also should stick with us for a long time. Even though it is on the CD, it just feels like they are right in front of you in this song. “What’s Eatin’ You” has another intro that leads straight to Joel’s vocals. “Girls in Black” is a fast pace outburst of rock. Great chorus, better music equals a wonderful experience, but they do repeat a little to much for my liking. “Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women” is another true rock track. It offers up three things rock in known for: cheap alcohol, cheaper women, and great guitar solos. “Hellfire” ends the trip with a fireball of soaring vocals and more explosive guitar, with the added touch of dramatic drums. WOW, what a trip its been. This album is great all the way through. They do repeat a bit much, but with the scorching guitars, Joel’s lyrics and vocals; I don’t give a rat’s ass if they repeat too much. This album will hit the radio and stay there for a very very long time. This is an absolute must have for any rock fan, new or old. I can already so the awards coming for this band.


Rating:  9 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Stand Up For Rock ‘N’ Roll, Blackjack, Hellfire


Track List:

1.      Stand Up For Rock ‘N’ Roll

2.      Runnin’ Wild

3.      Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast

4.      Diamond in the Rough

5.      Fat City

6.      Blackjack

7.      What’s Eatin’ You

8.      Girls in Black

9.      Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women

10.  Heartbreaker

11.  Hellfire


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