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Covelli Center

Youngstown, OH

May 5, 2013


         It is always fun to hear new and different music, maybe a completely different genre or just something from a different country. The words are the same, but they come out in a different way. Airbourne, hailing from Australia, is something like that. If you haven’t heard them you need to. They are getting ready to release their new album, third major overall, and out on tour. We went out to check them out and see what one of the new Australian bands has to offer. They opened up for Shinedown, but could have easily been a co-headliner if there were more than just the two bands. They came out on fire with their first tunes and quickly got the crowd involved. They ripped through cords and notes like a tornado on a spring day while the drums beat a hole into the ground. The vocals were great and were pretty clear, although there were times that you couldn’t hear what they were saying (I think it was more their accent than anything else). They were able to get the crowd involved many times and I actually seen a couple things I have never seen. For one they had a mascot come out for the last track and it was a freaking purple dragon. No it wasn’t Spiro the Dragon for all you old school gamers out there, but a purple dragon non-the-less. The other thing, which was really bizarre, was the lead singing going out into the crowd. You are probably saying, “I’ve seen that before,” but this time he was on the shoulders of another person and HE WAS STILL PLAYING HIS GUITAR!!! That might have been one of the craziest things I have seen today. Anyways, Airbourne puts on one hell of a show. The energy level is way high as is the intensity. They play as a unit and not individuals. They were having just as much fun up on stage as the crowd was watching and headbanging along with the band. The lighting was okay and their big banner behind them was pretty bad ass. Volume wise I think the set was spot on. Nothing really sounded off or out of place. I’m glad I got to see these guys and I would love to see them again real soon.


Rating: 8/10

Best Part: The energy/intensity, antics

Worst: The lighting / Set time



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