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Pittsburgh, Pa

July 29th, 2008


              What could I expect when heading to my first warp tour but to see an amazing day of rock and roll. I main objective was to check out Against Me, which I have been following shortly before their major label debut New Wave. Last August I had the opportunity to review the album and it was a solid start to build from the ground up. Now a year later and having one of the biggest crowds all day Against Me light up the stage. At about 3:00pm EST the band jumped out on stage and the crowd went wild. At that time I was chilling within the crowd waiting for time to jump in front of them all to take some photos (hey go check them out too!!). It took me an entire song to get out of there and up to the stage to take the pictures. I have never had that happened! The band was going nuts, the crowd was going nuts, and I was weaving in and out of other photographers to get the pictures I did get. The Band began with there debut album title track “New Wave” and played a whole slew of others off the album. The intense energy that the band was given off was directly from the fans moshing in the pit. Actually there were about 2 to 3 pits going at once in different spots of the crowd not to mention the countless times I seen crowd surfing (with a few being dropped). The band put everything they hard into the set list (I just wish it would have lasted longer) and the crowd put everything they had singing along and jumping around. This was a great show with insane energy and passion coming from the band. They dropped intense guitar riffs, pounding drums and great vocals. I can only imagine how loud they would have been in inside. They are a great show to see and a great band to check out.


Rating: 8/10

Best Part: Crowd Presents/Energy

Worst: Not long enough!!



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