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Adversary - Singularity

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William Clapp – Vocals
Kenny Harrison – Guitars
Brad Ryder – Guitars
Daniel Tidwell – Bass
Justin Green – Drums


Virginia’s Adversary is “Metal’s next big band” according to BW&BK. The childhood friends rock out to their groove-heavy brand of metal while assaulting every listener’s ears. They unleashed their attack on the innocent this past November of ’08. "Singularity" delivers ten tracks of intense, riff-heavy, bone-crushing power. This is the stuff metal fans have been dreaming about for years, and it couldn't have come soon enough. After they finished recording of "Singularity," the band received an offer from Trustkill Records. In late 2008 the band signed on with the label and released the album. The album begins with “Hedonist” a true assault on your ears. The super fast music includes raging guitars and heart stopping drums. The vocals are very hard to hear for the most part, but if that’s what you like then you will love this. The guitars in the track are stealing the show. The solo is just simple breathtaking and the drums never stop. “The Grand Mistake” is another blast of music that sounds like it belongs in OzzFest or Music as a Weapon. Again it’s hard to hear the multiple vocals in the track as they are screamed at every chance, but the music is simple wonderful. The title cut “Singularity” is nice and meaty with a wonderful intro that transitions into an all out attack. The guitars soar to new heights will the drums are relentless while a sick bass is dropped. They have a great balance of vocal styles with screaming and a melody type. The “In Vino Vertias” beginning grabs your attention with what appears to be a music box that explodes in racing guitar and drums. This track has it all, great playing, mixed vocals, and energy that screams come see us live. They stay true to the screaming vocals, but they tone it down one or two notches which lets you hear most of the lyrics. “Manifest Humility” explodes right out of the gates then settles in for a nice strong ride home. The entire track seems like they are playing in a closet. It sounds very distant for the most part. “By Apathy Undone” unleashes the full arsenal onto the listener. It pounds as hard as anything before it. The drums and the screams are defiantly the lead trick in this party. The guitar solo is absolutely jaw-dropping and the lyrics are a bit on the nasty side. It is a true head-bangers dream. “Ashes of Faith” is an instrumental session that will beat the shit out of you like you were in an MMA fight. You could seriously just rock out to this all day and night long. “Dying Art” gets back the vocals back into the actions. In this track they mix in both vocals styles to perfection yet again. They don’t over do either one. The music is just as great as any track with high flying guitars and heart pounding drums. “The Romance of Lies” begins like its going to be a monster track and it doesn’t let you down. The racing drums is just simple amazing and I wonder how the hell anyone could play that fast, but Justin pulls it off. They end the album with “Wisdom in Regret” the longest song on the album. It has a huge solo to get things started and then fast drums yet again not to mention the awesome guitars. They put in some serious screaming in the track as this has mosh pit written all over it. Overall it’s a good album for metal heads. If you’re not into super fast guitar play as well as mind blowing drums or screaming vocals the album is not for you. If you do enjoy listening to that sort of stuff you are stupid not to pick this debut album up. Me personally, I’m not into the whole screaming thing, but the music is remarkable and enjoyable. You can get lost in the solos until the pounding of the drums wake you up with a sucker punch to the temple. I know some many metal heads that will pop in this album and they will be in all their glory.


Rating: 8 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Singularity, In Vino Vertias, Ashes of Faith


Track List:

  1. Hedonist
  2. The Grand Mistake
  3. Singularity
  4. In Vino Vertias
  5. Manifest Humility
  6. By Apathy Undone
  7. Ashes of Faith
  8. Dying Art
  9. The Romance of Lies
  10. Wisdom in Regret

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