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Adrenaline Mob



Mike Portnoy – Drums

Russell Allen – Vocals

Mike Orlando - Guitar

            There is some new metal afoot. Adrenaline Mob has metal shavings running through their veins and want to deliver a stellar performance. For years, Allen and Portnoy knew that they’d eventually work together. After Portnoy handpicked Symphony X to play on Megadeth’s Gigantour in 2005, the two became fast friends. Then, Portnoy insisted that Symphony X tour Europe with Dream Theater in 2007. During that jaunt, the idea of jamming percolated. In 2010 Allen was with Orlando recording his second solo album. The two connected and knew they needed a drummer to round off the line-up. 1 e-mail was sent and Portnoy was in after 30 seconds. The band continued and released a 5-track EP in 2011. They also hit the road with Godsmack. After touring, the guys went back in to record once again. This time they came out with a brand new full-length album that hits stores in mid-March 2012. Omerta features 11 tracks that spread 49 minutes. The album gets going with “Undaunted”. The guitars roar during the intro as the drums play around in the background. The vocals then come in with a growling yet understandable sound. The track has a great vibe and is something that you can jam to. It has a little bit of an angry feel to it when you need to blow of some steam, but it’s also something you can just work out to and enjoy. The guitar and drum solo is something of legends and will have you craving more. It was a good choice to begin the album. “Psychosane” continues with the onslaught. They rip through another intro before the vocals come in with some huge and drawn out notes like an old school 80s metal tune. It has the effect that you are listening to a rock opera in spots. The music isn’t as fast during this second tune, but still hits hard and is sure to get some peoples’ blood flowing. I don't think it is as strong as the first tune, but it has some elements that I think are strong. “Indifferent” will get heads bouncing up and down nearly instantly with another little mini intro. They then head into a different direction as they slow both the music and the vocals down. The calmer tone is super clear and easy to pick up. The backing vocals spice up the track as well. I really dig this track. I like the fast paced nature of the first 2 numbers, but there is something about this tune that just relaxes you and makes you want to yell the lyrics right back at the band. This is a number that I can see doing some work in some sort of scale. “All On The Line” is a slower tune with compassionate vocals and music is back them up. The passion and emotion floods from the track with a poised power and will have you closing your eyes to enjoy. The track has just that special element that will have you coming back time and time again. It just simply will have you standing in awe, especially after the first two tracks. It is a brilliant track. “Hit The Wall” is the longest number from the album. The track seems to go on forever and in this case it’s not a good thing. I think that most of the tunes are decent, but in places they are forced. I think it fits the album style, but I don't see many people grabbing a hold of this tune and running. “Feelin’ Me” is on the heavy side. The vocals are very calculated and precise as they deliver a classic metal tune. They get all up in your grill on this one with those vocals just daring you to say something while the insane guitars, including the solo and the drums stand there for back up. The guitars get nuts and will have you screaming for more while those vocals slap you silly. This is a great tune and will be even bigger live. “Come Undone” adds in an unexpected twist to the album. Some backing vocals or co-lead vocals, whatever you want to call them, coming in strong and grabs you attention. That alone will have you coming back, but they also have some cool sounding tunes intertwined. That chorus though is the bomb. “Believe Me” is a middle of the road track with drums that strike hard and guitars that flow in their footsteps. The vocals are also okay with a nice tone and some emotion, but not enough to keep you coming back. I hear bits and pieces of this tune within some of the others and I just feel like this one will get lost. “Down To The Floor” is a fast pace slugfest with battling music and vocals. The guitars rip off some high notes while the drums strike you down where you stand. The vocals demand attention as they run through the lyrical set. The multiple vocal styles make the track even more interesting. This track is an explosions waiting to go off. “Angel Sky” is a slower tune that has fabulous vocals that have a power to them which are amplified even more by the guitars that they place beside them. The drums lay down a solid foundation and accompany the guitars superbly during the solo. This is an amazing tune that I would love to see live. The passion and emotion that is oozing from the track is nuts and will put a smile on your face. “Freight Train” concludes the album with a fast number with the old school metal opera vocals. The music hammers behind them and gets the spotlight several times throughout the track. It is a nice track to end the album on. It sounds like it fits the flow of the album perfectly. The solos that they add in are crazy and would get a crowd riled up. Overall this is a solid release. The vocals are clear and pretty clean, but they get a bit old in some spots. The higher notes seemed a bit forced and they can hurt your ears in places. The music is phenomenal. They add in solos to each tune and none of them are reproduced. The guitars go off time and time again. They hit some huge notes and rip off cords like there is no tomorrow. The drums are sly and cunning. The arrangements of the tracks are solid and the flow of nearly each track is spot on. I also like the mix of slower tracks to the fast paced metal that they offer. I really dig a few of the tracks over the others, but mind you that there are just one or two that won’t make most people’s cut. You would sever yourself well if you checked out these guys.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

In Different, Cone Undone, Angel Sky


Track List:

1.      Undaunted

2.      Psychosane

3.      Indifferent

4.      All On The Line

5.      Hit The Wall

6.      Feelin’ Me

7.      Come Undone

8.      Believe Me

9.      Down To The Floor

10.  Angel Sky

11.  Freight Train


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