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Adelitas Way



Rick DeJesus - lead vocals

Trevor "Tre" Stafford - drums, percussion

Robert Zakaryan - lead guitar, backing vocals

Andrew Cushing - bass, backing vocals


            2008 seen the beginning of something special for a couple of guys. That was the year that Adelitas Way began to work on their debut album. The album broke in 2009, but months before their first single was already doing work for the WWE as an official theme song. The band hit the road with numerous acts to support the record. The band didn’t slow down as in early 2011 they revealed their sophomore album then released it mid way through the year. This record, Home School Valedictorian, produced the band’s first number 1 hit titled “Sick.” The album also produced other top 5 hit. The band is back once more with their next offering. Stuck was released in July 2014 and offers up 11 tracks. They get the album going with “Dog on a Leash.” The track begins with a nice little guitar, but it doesn’t last long before the rest of the band jumps in. They head through the first part of the track before the tempo and volume increase and shit gets deep. The tune really gets moving then with an array of sounds and the vocals demand more attention. “Save the World” gives up an upbeat tune with clear vocals and a nice set of tunes. I really like the guitars in this number and the backing vocals seem to pop up in the right spots. There is nothing extraordinary about this track, but it just sounds good and sticks with you. It has that going for it. It makes you want more. “Different Kind Of Animal” slows the record down a bit, but not to that slow love song style. The vocals are decent and the music is okay, but the track just doesn’t inspire me to stick around. “Stuck” the title cut steps up net for this album and keeps it slow. There is a good use of backing vocals in the number and the lyrical content is the star of the track. For most of the tune it’s hard to get into just by the music, you really have to hold your hat on the lyrics. Those might have some people coming back, but many might not. The little explosion of sound gives it some ump towards the end, but that’s about all it has. “Keep Me Waiting” is a low key track with clear vocals and a nice little beat. The tune is catchier than you first realize and has a unique way of keeping you there. The backing vocals are intriguing and the presents of them add a lot to the song. I can see this one getting some play at some shows. “Undivided” opens up with a nice set of keys and emotional vocals. The rest of the band comes strolling in to round out the arrangement. The lyrics are absolutely amazing and I plead you to stop and indulge in them. This song really spoke to me and I feel like it will do the same to many others. This track is phenomenal and will leave you in awe. “Drive” cruises along with some fresh and clear vocals they add in some more backing vocals in this one while the music is uplifting and full of flavor. It drifts past with a great sound and message. “Not Thinking About Me” offers up more gang vocals that flash in and out while the main set stay clear and clean cut. The music is decent, but the tune really doesn’t stand out to me it isn’t’ bad, but just gets lost in the shuffle. “Blur” has a nice little vibe to it. It rolls along with a great set of vocals and some cool sounding guitars. The lyrics roll off the tongues of the guys and the music will stick in your head. It’s a fun little number that will be repeated a few times. “Something More” instantly grabs your attention with the opening. The light hearted tune is really uplifting and will leave you with a smile on your face. I absolutely fell in love with this track fro the first listen. The vocals, the music, and the lyrics all work perfectly together and will leave you wanting more. “We Came” strolls in with some killer guitars and some percussion. It’s a nice intro, but I’m drawn to those guitars that continue throughout the track. The vocals step up into the mix and try to take over, but they play second fiddle to the tunes in this one. It ends the album on a good note. Overall this album is solid. Hands down it is one of the better ones as a whole that came out in 2014. They change things up numerous times and there are several tracks that you will latch onto. The guitars and drums roll all over the place. There are sever intros and solos that they get to showcase their talents. On top of that the vocals are fabulous and the addition of the backing vocals is spot on. The lyrics also really do a lot of the heavy lifting. They really worked on giving the album the complete treatment and it shows. This is a tremendous record, one that anyone would be proud of.


Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Save the World, Undivided, Blur, Something More

Track List:

  1. Dog on a Leash
  2. Save the World
  3. Different Kind Of Animal
  4. Stuck
  5. Keep Me Waiting
  6. Undivided
  7. Drive
  8. Not Thinking About Me
  9. Blur
  10. Something More
  11. We Came

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