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Adelitas Way

First Niagara Pavilion  

Pittsburg, PA

August 31, 2012


              Adelitas Way, an up and coming band that is billed from Sin City, Las Vegas Nevada. We happened to be at a show earlier this year and catch a couple tracks while chatting up some of the concert goers and walking around. Those few tracks raised our eyebrows, as well as their two albums, enough to head out to review an entire set from the guys. They kicked off the main stage of the 2012 UpRoar Festival and lit the stage on fire. After standing around all day out in the heat for the other two stages the crowd made it look like they were the first band of the show. The pit was bouncing around nicely, but for Rick it just wasn’t full enough. With that said he demanded that as many people with seats and some with lawn tickets to find a way down to that pit to fill it up. If they did he would take a dive to close out the set. Adelitas Way showed a well oiled set to the willing ears around the Pavilion. With the sun still up their lightening was hard to see with just glimpses of strobe lights going off, but the sound more than made up for it. The energy level was high as all the guys were bouncing all over the stage. The guitars light things up while the bass dropped a line or two. The drums really got off the ground. They were hitting so hard that the little dinosaur that sits on top of the big bass drum fell off of it. There were also several drum sticks that broke. The band definitely knows how to get the crowd involved. They play for the crowd, they play to the crowd, they talk to the crowd, and they jump into the crowd (which you don't see very often). They put on an excellent show and I can’t wait until they play later in a show so that they can add some more flair to it.


Rating: 8/10

Best Part: The music / crowd surfing

Worst: The lighting and stage props 



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