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Adelitas Way - Adelitas Way

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Rick DeJesus - lead vocals

Chris Iorio - lead guitar, backing vocals

Keith Wallen - rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Derek Johnston - bass guitar, backing vocals

Trevor "Tre" Stafford - drums, backing vocals


            What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless it music. One of the newest hard rock bands hail from Las Vegas.  They broke into mainstream in 2009 for their song "Invincible", which is the official theme song of WWE Superstars. They also perform the song "A New Day" as the theme song for World Wrestling Entertainment tag team The Legacy. During a band road trip to LA, they took a detour to San Diego, and when Rick woke up from a nap in the back of the band truck, they were getting arrested in Mexico. Corrupt cops robbed the band, but Rick secreted away a little cash in his socks. Freaked out, the band went to the first bar they saw in Tijuana to have a beer and calm their nerves. It was the Adelita Bar. The debut album hit stores in July of 2009 and the major ride begins. The self-titled album begins with lead single “Invincible.” It blazes from the very get go with raging guitars, pounding drums, and pretty good vocals. The guitar solo really gets your blood flowing and while the chorus is sure to get a mosh pit started. “Scream” comes soaring back with another great guitar solo and awesome vocals. It is a super catchy track that lets the fans sing right along with them. It will defiantly be a favorite, it has all the elements for something huge. “Dirty Little Thing” provides an epic ride that has many sides. It offers up raging guitars, great drum work, awesome choruses, and sweet verses. It really hits on all dimensions and measures up to a lot of now bands. “Last Stand” slows it down with a lighter/cell phone friendly track. The vocals ooze passion, while the gang vocals at 3 minute mark swirl around your head as the guitar solo and drums bring you back down. “Hate Love” has tons of energy as “So What If You Go” builds and builds until it unleashes the goods of the chorus. An easy track to get into and follow along, this is a huge sleeper like we were drafting in a fantasy football league. “Closer To You” opens up and will just have you sitting there. As it moves on it becomes evident that this track matches “Lips of an Angel” for rocket fuel for a career. It gives you chills when you listen to it and will flip that switch on for stardom. #1 here comes “Closer To You.” “Just A Little Bit” opens like it as a Metallica attitude then switches to a Nickelback vibe which will keep you coming back for more and more. It is so damn catchy with the guitar soaring, hard drums, and vocals that are infectious. “All Falls Down” has the stuff to star on almost anyone else’s album, but with the star studded debut album it falls to the way side. “My Derailment” is much like “All Falls Down” but it has a bit more to make a last impression. You can really get into the drums set, then there is the guitar solo that sucker punches you right in the nose. The lyrics are really star of the track as well as they flow and the easiness of following along with them. “Brother” ends the album with a huge ballad that slows the pace down. The emotion and passion displayed during the track goes straight to your heart and sticks. It somewhat bring back the memory of Kid Rock’s “Only God Knows Why” as it progresses it gets just a bit harder. It’s a very strong track that could stand the test of time. Overall this is a superb album with a lot to offer. They will give many bands a run for there money and steal the spotlight away from many others. This album will take them as far as they let it, I just hope it doesn’t go too far in one way from another. Adelitas Way has something special going on and if they can hone in on the objective and stay on path watch out. Their writing is phenomenal and the talent they have it tremendous. It’s going to be hard to match this effort as a whole, but if hey work hard the next album will blow us out of the water.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Tracks To Watch:

Invincible, Scream, So What If You Go, Brother


Track List:

  1. Invincible
  2. Scream
  3. Dirty Little Thing
  4. Last Stand
  5. Hate Love
  6. So What If You Go
  7. Closer To You
  8. Just A Little Bit
  9. All Falls Down
  10. My Derailment
  11. Brother

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