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Addison Road



Jenny Simmons – lead vocals

Ryan Gregg – lead guitarist, vocals

Ryan Simmons – guitar, vocals, piano

Travis Lawrence – bass, vocals, harmonica

Richard Scott – drums


            Baylor University hasn’t always been a powerhouse basketball school (though I did have them going to the final 4 this past tournament). They have produced many stars in a wide variety of specialties. A rock band can be added to that list. Jenny and Ryan S. began to play as a duo, but quickly seen that they needed a full lineup. After recruiting a couple of friends the Jenny Chisolm Band was formed and recorded a 4 song demo. In 2001 they released their first independent album. In 2002 their second album surfaced under the current name Addison Road. Their final independent album was released in 2006 followed up with their first major release in 2008. The self-titled album was released on INO Records. The next installment from the Dallas, Texas band is set to take that next step. Hitting stores June 22, 2010 the new album, Stories, grooves with 10 tracks lead by an amazing female vocalists. They began the album with “Fight Another Day” which opens up with a good sound that you can get into easily. Jenny comes strolling in with an Alanis sounding set of vocals that you will fall in love with. The track glides along with precession and poise. The harmonica adds such an amazing feel to the song and it’s plain to see that the album is setting up to be stellar. “Change in the Making” slows the album down with a simple guitar and Jenny letting her voice be heard. The song picks up as jenny steps up to the plate and begins to bellow out strong notes. “This Little Light of Mine” sort of scared me as I thought it was going to be a simple remake, but they did as well as I could have expected. It seems to float along with strong vocals and perfectly placed backing vocals. For being such a well known track their rendition was added a new twist. I don't think though that I would want to hear it live, I myself would want to hear originals. “Won’t Let Me Go” opens up with what seems to be low vocals coming from a hole in the ground. The track starts to get moving when the up front set of vocals some striding in for all to grab. The music is really upbeat and groove s with a combination of keys, guitars, and a solid drum beat. It’s an okay track with a great little guitar solo and sweet vocals. It gets the track moving again after the remake offering. “Need You Now” has the feel of a great live tune. it offers up a solid beat with guitars and driving drums with hand clapping and a great mix of vocals the short blast of drums really adds to the track and really I think they are the drive force for the track. They really stand out to me in this song. “Show Me Life” begins slow as Jenny comes in with her perfect voice then everything starts to pick up. The great message that the track offers lyrically stands out the most right in front of the percussion, keys, and even more drums. It a tremendous track that I would love to see live. It has that feel to it that it could de amazing track there. “Don't Wait” shows you an upbeat and funky sound as it opens up. The party gets started right off the bat and the fun love track will get you moving. The vocals are awesome as they are right in your face stepping stride by stride with the sweet beat they have flowing from the keys. “Where Is All Begins” is another cool track that has loads of funky beats being spit from the keys. The vocals again are right in your face and they remain super clear. They are also easy to follow and sing along with. “Who I Am In You” slows the album down with a heartfelt sounding track topped with a sugary sound and sweet vocals. It glides along with ease as “My Story” ends the album with odd song with random thoughts and it actually says just that. It’s a softer track that seems to just floats along. Its okay, but it really doesn’t work me. Overall I really like the album. It’s new, fresh, and has a great flow to it. They hit highs and lows with the classic rollercoaster style. The vocals to me really shine. I don't know what it is, but a female vocalist draws me in and basically glues my butt to the seat. I listen in awe as their voice blends with hard and heavy riffs or against exotic key notes. Jenny has one of those voices that with captivate you. The music does a number too. They let the guitars go nuts from time to time as well as the drums. This is a pretty complete album with a few spots that I wasn’t too crazy about. That aside I would defiantly grab this album if I was into the last album or this style.


Rating: 8 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Need You Now, Show Me Life, Don’t Wait


Track List:

  1. Fight Another Day
  2. Change in the Making
  3. This Little Light of Mine
  4. Won’t Let Me Go
  5. Need You Now
  6. Show Me Life
  7. Don't Wait
  8. Where Is All Begins
  9. Who I Am In You
  10. My Story

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