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Addison Road - Addison Road

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Addison Road


Jenny Simmons - Lead Vocals

Ryan Gregg – Lead Guitar, vocals

Ryan Simmons – Guitar, vocals, piano

Travis Lawrence – Bass, vocals, harmonica

Jeff Sutton - Drums


            The female-fronted Addison Road has it the major LP big time. After 2 indie records and an EP the Texas band filled with upbeat and rhythm tries their hands at a major album. With a talented backing in the music department, sounds of which have never been heard before, Jenny’s soft, but powerful voice sets off the songs. The album begins with an upbeat track with straight forward lyrics. It offers a steady flow of music and vocals. “This Could Be Our Day” is a very nice start to the album and it really could be the bands “Day” in the spotlight. “All That Matters” is a really nice track. It flows really well and is surely to be a hit. The beat is easy to get into and it is a great sing-a-long song. “Sticking With You” is another upbeat track with high flying guitars in the beginning that shifts to the outstanding vocals of Jenny. This may be the star of the album! “Hope Now” is the first slower track on the album, with deep lyrics and soft dramatic vocals. “Start Over Again” is another track with deep, heart clinching lyrics. Talks of getting back up with you get knocked down will inspire anyone. “It Just Takes One” will stick with you because of the music. It’s funky but not over done and the addition of backing vocals will make this song a favorite on stage. “Run” it growing track. It has the great lyrics, catchy guitar picking and backing vocals that after 8 track we have come accustomed to, but it also has a deep meaning that must be listened to over and over again to get the entire message. Overall this is a superb debut major release. It has very catch music at every turn, great messages woven throughout, and amazing vocals. This is definitely an album Christian rock fans with enjoy. 


Rating:  8 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

All That Matters, Sticking With You, Start Over Again

Track List:

1.      This Could Be Our Day

2.      All That Matters

3.      Sticking With You

4.      Hope Now

5.      Start Over Again

6.      It Just Takes One

7.      Always Love

8.      Casualties

9.      Run

10.  What Do I Know Of Holy


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