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Silhouette of Lies


Travis Buck – Vocals

Derrick Carter - Guitar

Jason Schauer – Bass

Ryan Carroll – Drums


            Adakain was formed in 2006 and started gaining recognition that next year. 2007 seen their first release, an EP titled Tears of Dysphoria. They then hit the stores with their debut full-length album Together in the Hearts. The self-released album did them great and they have kept trucking along. They now have release a new EP titled Silhouette of Lies. The six track EP gets going with “Sky is Falling.” The track gets started with a nice little intro. The vocals slip in and take over. The song comes together very nicely. All the transitions are clean as the track flows extremely smooth. The vocals are strong while they deliver a nice set of lyrics. The music is nice and heavy. They really drive the track and provide a nice platform for the vocals. There is one place where is just an instrumental section that needed to be shorted up or changed up. That’s my only beef with the track. “Distant Eyes” slows down the EP. The passionate vocals plead with you while they give you an emotional set of lyrics. The vocals are also super smooth. The music just seems to stream along with nothing too spectacular. There is also a section that the vocals just lose it. Other than that bad section that seems to be jumbled up, it’s not a bad change of pace tune. “Good Time Girl” has some spunk to it and could be a game changer. I can see this track getting unfamiliar concert goers going. It also might get them to go by this EP at the merch booth. However, and I do think it’s a top tier track; I don't like how it’s confined on this album. I hear the potential ready to bust open from this track. The energy is there and you can tell. I think in other forms this is a hit. “Dreaming” slows the album down and brings those boy-band pop vocals to the forefront. Don’t be scared by that description however, they do what they need to. They really hit the right notes to get the lyrics to the place that they need to get. They also help you get into the harder stuff on the album as they shake things up. The music goes right along with the vocals. They really don't hammer down or even flair a time or two. The lady fans might like it a bit more than the guys. “In The Shadows” switches gears and goes metal. The fast pace track lets loose with everything and spots borderline on a train wreck. The track overall isn’t too bad, just certain spots of it is. They try to show that they can do it all and I think they might be able to if they practice a bit more. The track is just a little sloppy to me, but has potential. “Change” slows the album down once again with a huge vocal performance. The opening is strong while Travis belts some nice vocals nearly by himself. They do include some music after awhile and they even help the track even more. The silky smooth vocals blended with some of the best music on the album create something that will go far and take these guys somewhere. It’s a stellar tune that has hit written all over it. Overall, I have mixed feeling about the release. There are 3 great tracks, a couple on the verge, a one that needs some work. The vocals for the most part are not bad. They are smooth and silky. The music isn’t bad either, but they need a bit more zest to them. It’s plain to see, well hear, there are a few tracks that are ready to break out and will at a live show. I would like to see more time under their belts and a more refined metal sound. I think they have the soft stuff and harder stuff going, but the metal side of things needs a bit more work. They are worth a look though.


Rating: 7 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Distant Eyes, Good Time Girl, Change


Track List:

  1. Sky is Falling
  2. Distant Eyes
  3. Good Time Girl
  4. Dreaming
  5. In The Shadows
  6. Change

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