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ACDC - Black Ice

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Brian Johnson – lead vocals

Angus Young – lead guitar

Malcolm Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Cliff Williams – bass guitar, backing vocals

Phil Rudd – drums, percussion


            The all mighty from the land down under is back for the first studio album in 8 years. The band that stormed through the mid-to-late 70’s and the 80’s with hit after hit like swift Tsunami. The firm band with hits like; “It's a Long Way to the Top,” High Voltage,” “Hells Bells,” “You Shook Me All Night Long,” and “Thunderstruck” not to mention the famous duck walk of Mr. Angus Young, has provided many rockers young and old a great career of tunes. In this installment of the Australian band does just the same. The 15 song affair begins with lead single “Rock N Roll Train.” It starts with the classic ACDC sound of ripping guitars and steady drums. When you add in Brian Johnson’s vocals, you can tell that they haven’t lost anything in the last 8 years. They also do an excellent job with the backing vocals as normal, then you got the explosion of Angus’s guitar that just lights the whole thing a blaze. Speaking of blazes “Skies on Fire” comes up next. The track offers up a little bit of a switch. The vocals have the same pitch that they normally do, but they are sang with a different tone, lower so the blend with the wild guitars they are going step by step with them. “Big Jack” is an upbeat tune that features great riffs and a bigger drum presents than the previous 2 tracks. The track does repeat a bit, which almost always brings it down on rating. Any ACDC fan will surely love the song. “Anything Goes” is a very upbeat track with a more modern popish flavor that mirrors country in pieces. It is an easy track to get into, but see it going any further than the album. “War Machine” was one of the tracks that grab my attention just by the title. It begins with a great intro featuring a beat that sounds like a war march and within the beat are roaring guitars. Johnson’s vocals set the entire track off with a convincing style that is perfectly done for the tune. “Smash and Grab” is a low key track with a steady classic beat while “Spoilin’ For a Fight” begins with a great intro filled with guitars and drums any fan can play along with. The riffs in the track make it an instant fan favorite. “Wheels” provides an easy listenin’, partying tune. It’s a simple track that does the job for enjoyment. “Decibel” is a bluesy number with an oozes confidence and cockiness. The rhythm throughout the track is great and the solo during the 3 and a half affair is smooth and sweet. “Stormy May Day” will leave you breathless. The riffs in the beginning of the track aren’t your normal intro. Instead of the high flying guitar work they through in a lower sounding technique that will make your jaw drop. “She Likes Rock N Roll” begins the “Rock N Rock” trend in the last section of the album. The 11th of the 15 tracks is a fun lovin’ song that will get the girls movin’ what they move and shake what they shake. This is another track that really shows the goods for all places including the live stage. “Money Made” is another bluesy feel to it as “Rock N Roll Dream” slows down the pace with a track that is lead by the vocals of Johnson. It does explode a bit throughout the track, but the better part of it is slower. “Rocking All the Way” begins with snarls of Johnson and adds into the mix great solos with the classic ACDC sound. The solo is so good in this song that it will leave you craving more and more. The final cut of the album is the title track “Black Ice” which begins with a nice riff and really shows some drum muscle. It’s their final showing that they still can strut their stuff with grace and power.  Overall this is a very good album. The band still has the hunger and passion to form some of the greatest rock ever. The album has classic ACDC moments as well as a few tweaks of modern and bluesy feel to it. There are multiple tracks that I can see making their way to the air waves and the set lists of concerts.


Rating: 8 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

War Machine, Spoilin’ For a Fight, Decibel, Black Ice


Track List:

1.      Rock N Roll Train

2.      Skies on Fire

3.      Big Jack

4.      Anything Goes

5.      War Machine

6.      Smash and Grab

7.      Spoilin’ for a Fight

8.      Wheels

9.      Decibel

10.  Stormy May Day

11.  She Likes Rock N Roll

12.  Money Made

13.  Rock N Roll Dream

14.  Rocking All the Way

15.  Black Ice 


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