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Abused Romance

The Sound of Violence EP


Roy Chen - Drums
Amit Ofir - Guitar
Aetam Jakob - Bass
Meir Yaniv - Vocals, Guitar


            Abused Romance begin a while ago, but seriously got rolling in 2006. Meir and Amit began playing together when they were 12 years old. After they graduated from the Musician’s Institute in L.A. together they headed home to Israel to complete their band. Aetam quickly joined the band as Roy finished out the lineup. Once the lineup was complete the group moved back to L.A. and began hitting the road hard. They have recently released a 5 track EP in gearing up for their full length album hitting stores sometime in 2011. The EP opens up with “Vaporize” a track that builds and builds to great heights than takes a nose dive, only to pull up just in time and save itself. The vocals are very clear and right in your face. They are easy to pick up and soon you will be singing right only with them. the multiple vocals swinging in and out all hit their marks and don't miss a beat. the tempo of the track shifts a few times and the transitions are very crisp. They also let the guitars and drums get into the action for a couple little solos. It’s a incredible beginning and will have wanting more. “Sound Of Violence” begins rather slow getting going with some vocals before the rest of the band helps out. They put a nice amount of backing vocals in this track just like the opener and they place them in great locations as well as not over doing it with them. The tunes are solid as well with driving drums and soaring guitars. It has a nice beat and is a bit slower than the opening tune. “Amberlin” is a soft tune with passion and emotion flooding from Meir’s voice. The song will touch your heart and warm you from the inside out. you can imagine lighters and cell phones being held high in the air while the guitars sweep around the caring vocals and putting a smile on your face. The vocals are very clear and hit some high notes that catch you off guard the first few times. It’s a descent track that shows that they can do both hard and soft songs. “Room 2238” opens with killer guitars rolling from side to side before the drums get involved. After a few seconds of jamming together the guitar steps up again with an astounding solo that will have you screaming for more. It turns out to be just an instrumental, but you will be replaying it a few times to get to know the band a bit more. “Bleeding” finishes up the little EP with a killer tune that you will fall fast for. The multiple vocals, good lyrics, and great beat will have you staying for a long time. It just mellows you out and lets you forget any and everything. Overall I love this EP. I think it is just a taste of what to expect when a full length album arrives. The album has amazing vocals with a great blend of lead and backing vocals pushing each other to hit every note. they let the guitars loose several times as they fly high and rip of some sick riffs and cords. The drums really lay down a steady beat for every track and they do get a bit wild in a couple sections. They mix styles very well and their writing is superb. I can’t wait to see what else they bring to the full length album hitting stores sometime this year. Stay tune, we’ll let you know when to except more!


Rating: 9 out of 10


Track List:

  1. Vaporize
  2. Sound Of Violence
  3. Amberlin
  4. Room 2238
  5. Bleeding

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