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A Static Lullaby

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Joe Brown: Vocals
Dan Arnold: Vocals, Guitar
John Death: Guitar, Vocals
Dane Poppin: Bass, Vocals
Jarrod Alexander: Drums


            A Static Lullaby? Who in the hell is that? Are those the questions you are asking yourself right now? If so, can go here then come back. (

After going through huge ups and downs the past years the boys have a new deal and a new record. This record which comes out via Fearless Records has a special name. The name?? “A Static Lullaby” Why?? Joe Brown the lead singer of the band summed it up this way. “And so when I talk about why we made this record self-titled, it’s like, yeah, this band’s been through some trouble in terms of past relationships, but I absolutely believe in who we are right now. From the second they pick up this record, I want everybody who hears it to feel the same way.” This is the “A Static Lullaby” that we should learn to love. The album has great range of music ability and lyrics you have to sit and read. They hit close to home most of the time and can be appreciated on a high level by many fans. The guitar riffs (which is the part of music I’m most fond of) are great. Sometimes rough, but sometimes oh so sweet. Great beats to every song and no repeats!!!  I have to say that I found myself starting to listen and take notes, but then I would stop taking notes. I was just consumed in the music and I believe that everyone will be also. This is a killer album. Just take a listen and you will be hooked. If not, read the lyrics and then listen again.


Rating: 7.5/10

Favorite Tracks: Hang ‘Em High, Stare at the Air


Track Listing:

1.      Hang ‘Em High

2.      Contagious

3.      Annexation of Puerto Rico

4.      The Art of Sharing Lovers

5.      The Collision

6.      Trigger Happy Tarantula

7.      Eager Cannibals

8.      Life in a Museum

9.      Stare at the Air

10.  Static Slumber Party

11.  Mechanical Heart



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