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A Skylit Drive

Identity On Fire


Michael “Jag” Jagmin – lead vocals

Brian White – bass, vocals

Joey Wilson – lead guitar

Nick Miller – rhythm guitar

Cory La Quay – drums, vocals

Kyle Simmons – piano, keyboards, synthesizers, programming


            A Skylit Drive was formed back in 2006 while in High School. They quickly began recording and came out with their debut EP She Watched the Sky. after some touring and a line-up change the band released their debut release Wires…and the Concept of Breathing. The album did well reaching the top 200 on the US Billboard 200 as well as #9 and #20 on other charts. After more including Bamboozle in 2008, they released a live DVD which was released in Hot Topic stores. The next year they hit the stages of the Vans Warped Tour. Their second full-length album Adelphia hit stores on the beginning of the Warped Tour trek. They continued to tour as well as write until they hit studios for their third release. Identity of Fire hit stores in February 2011 and features 12 tracks arms to kick your ass, let’s find out if it does. The album gets started with “Carry The Broken” a short intro to the album that gears you up for the rest of the album. they begin with a chant that tunes a bit techno. It runs right into “Too Little, Too Late” which provides an array of vocal styles which are blended and woven together to provide a feast for listeners. The tunes aren’t bad either as they give up a good foundation for those vocals. “XO Skeleton” cruises along offering up some sweet twists on the tunes while the vocals again are woven together given them a swirling effect on your ears. This one has less growling/screaming vocals in it as the opener which to me helps the song out. There are still some located throughout the track, but they aren’t overdone or over used. “Conscience Is A Killer” is an upbeat track that rips through with thunderous screaming vocals that pop up from time to time. The main set of vocals are clean and clear. They also are easy to pick up and sing along with. Everything flows together extremely well as You can really get into this one. “Ex Marks the Spot” tosses you a bone with huge vocals. They been with a quick gang vocal before the screaming comes roaring in. They then keep an even tally going for the normal and screaming vocals as they blend them throughout the track once again. The music is also easy to get into. It has a killer beat that you can’t ignore. This one is at the top of the list. “The Cali Buds” offer up some great lyrics and a nice beat, but there are several spots where the vocals are all bunched up and really don't sound very good at all. “Your Mistake” is a change of pace for me. They refine the sound, mainly the vocals and instead of a bunch of screaming vocals they go with a set of gang vocals. It is a phenomenal track that shows that they are not all flash and dash, but they can stroll and shine in the moon light. The vocals are awesome during this song and the music escorts them to the promise land. “Fuck The System” is a descent track as well. They bring back the screaming vocals, but they don't over use them. they glide in and out of the other vocals. the music seems to go hand and hand with the speed that the vocals are going as well. The track sounds fluent and not choppy. “500 Days of Bummer” pens up like its going to be a super slow track, but the tunes enter and pick up the speed just a tad. It is fairly slow compared to most of the tracks on this album, but to me it stands out and that is what tracks need to do with some many others trying to knock them out of the race. They have a huge screaming vocals section that really hurts your ears and the song. Other than that section the song is pretty good. “Tempt Me, Temptation” is a train wreck. During several sections of the song they guys are all over the place. They seem to be singing and playing different tracks all at once. There is too much going on and it bottles everything up. The places were they don't have 2 or 3 people singing at the same time are solid, but they kill any chance it has with the traffic jam earlier in the offering. The title cut steps up next and “Identity on Fire” do the same thing as the last track. They have way too much going in the song. you can’t process what is going on and can’t enjoy it at all. It might hurt your ears the most on this album. You should be thinking “what the heck is going on?” “If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home” closes out the album with a descent track that does have some screaming vocals, but they don't over use them as in the past couple of tunes. They get back to being fluent and smooth. That’s what they needed to close out this album. Overall this album is in the middle of the road. There are amazing tracks and parts of songs, but at the same time there are others that will have you hitting the skip button after a few listens. The normal vocals are very solid and enjoyable. The screaming vocals are okay in some tracks, but over used in many of the tracks. In those tracks it’s hard to concentrate on what you are hearing. The music just loses something once you are distracted by the screaming vocals. the couple of tracks that are a bit more relaxed and refined are the stars from this album.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

XO Skeleton, Ex Marks the Spot


Track List:

  1. Carry The Broken
  2. Too Little, Too Late
  3. XO Skeleton
  4. Conscience Is A Killer
  5. Ex Marks the Spot
  6. The Cali Buds
  7. Your Mistake
  8. Fuck The System
  9. 500 Days of Bummer
  10. Tempt Me, Temptation
  11. Identity on Fire
  12. If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home

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