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A Day To Remember

What Separates Me from You


Jeremy McKinnon - lead vocals, acoustic guitars

Kevin Skaff - lead guitar, vocals, piano

Neil Westfall - rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Joshua Woodard - bass

Alex Shelnutt - drums, percussion


Playing over 200 hundred shows might get a bit trying and deserve a small break, but that is just how A Day To Remember get started after coming together in 2003. They hit the studio to record their debut album And Their Name Was Treason which hit stores in May 2005. They were signed to Victory Records and the new and current drummer ready to go the band jumped into the studio for their sophomore release. For Those Who Have Heart was released in January 2007 on Victory Records and peaked at #17 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart and #43 on the Top Independent Albums chart. A 2008 Vans Warped Tour ensued as well as other festivals leading up to their third album. It seen stores in February 2009, hitting #1 on Top Independent Albums and was additionally featured in Rolling Stone's "Top 40 Albums" that month. Another stint on the Vans Warped Tour come after that third release and now they are back with their forth release What Separates Me for You. The album opens up with “Sticks & Bricks” a blistering track with loud screaming vocals growling lyrics at you from all angles. They do lighten up just a bit for a great section (repeated a few times of course) to complete the full circle. It’s a great sounding track that kicks the album off just right. You have both sides that you want to hear vocally as the tunes rip of a solid performance. “All I Want” is an awesome track that will have you jumping and singing along very quickly. It’s easy to follow and will spark instant movement. The sound is amazing with the super clear vocal set and the rocking tunes. The track has a lot to offer. “It’s Complicated” is a Warped Tour special. The drums are upbeat and lead the track to the promise land as the guitars roll through stop signs and lay down several good cords. “This Is The House That Doubt Built” floats along with an easy sounding offering. It really doesn’t get the blood flowing or energy level up very much. It just doesn’t do it. “2nd Sucks” hammers out another metal tunes chalked full of screaming vocals, pounding drums, and roaring guitars. The super aggressive song will have crowds going nuts like they are over in Spain for the running of the bulls. Only thing is that the crowd will be considered the bulls. “Better Off This Way” slows the album down once again with a passionate offering. The heartfelt track steams along with a great sound and a powerful set of lyrics that most can enjoy and grasp. The transitions are very smooth as are the vocals. “All Signs Point To Lauderdale” goes punk with clear vocals and a sweeping sound lead by the guitars. The drums also step up from time to time for a snip of the spotlight, but the star of the track is the vocals. The quick little choir spot adds a nice touch at the end as well. “You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic” rips up the stage with huge guitars and snarling vocals as they also have a good balance of other vocals interwoven into the song. they really hit something special with the way they transition through this offering. it’s easy to get into this track as well as follow along with the progression. “Out Of Time” begins much like a Senses Fail tune, but switches gear just enough to get out of that shadow. It is a party waiting to get out of the box. Fun and dance will begin right after the first couple of note from this tune. its light and fluffy with clear double vocals, driving drums, and solid guitars. “If I Leave” closes out the album with a great upbeat tune that will have you jumping around like a fool. It has such a great sound you can’t ignore the track. I can see this one doing some serious work. It finishes as positive for A Day To Remember and their forth album. Overall this is a very good album. It has an array of vocals and vocal combinations. The guitars let loose several times as the drums drive some of the tracks home. They wrote this album like all-stars from the lyrics to the transitions from vocals to vocals. those transitions are brilliant and crisp. They really take over nearly each song. you will really enjoy the faster, upbeat tracks as they will have you moving and having fun. There are also some metal style tracks that will have you head banging and moshing to the aggressive nature of the songs. Lastly, the “slower” tracks pour out some soulful lyrics and give you the time to recoup from the other 2 styles. I’d definitely pick this album up as well as head out to the 20011 Vans Warped Tour to see these track live.


Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

All I Want, 2nd Sucks, Out Of Time


Track List:

  1. Sticks & Bricks
  2. All I Want
  3. It’s Complicated
  4. This Is The House That Doubt Built
  5. 2nd Sucks
  6. Better Off This Way
  7. All Signs Point To Lauderdale
  8. You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic
  9. Out Of Time
  10. If I Leave

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