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9 Left Dead

The Wrong Things


Travis Jones – Lead Vocals

Kreg Anthony – Lead Guitar, Vocals

Nathan Parish – Guitar, Vocals

Jared Ellis – Bass, Vocals

Bryan Whitley – Drums


            Back before the turn of the century Nine Left began their journey to where they are now. Then front man Travis Jones began playing himself to cope with his life which in turned helped others cope with theirs. The roots began in Amber, Oklahoma but really took off while Jones was working as a prison guard at a maximum-security penitentiary. That’s when Jones met Jared Ellis. The basses joined up with Jones in 2008, and soon after changed the name to the current name. In 2010 the others joined the band and the 5-piece outfit was complete. That year they also won the Rock U Live Kattfest Band Beatdown in Oklahoma City. They beat out 100’s of bands, and part of the prize was to be one of the first to record at Bar Code Studios, which is owned by Hinder drummer Cody Hanson. The band work with Hanson and Marshal Dutton on their first single then signed with C-Squared Management as well as DirtBag/ILG/Warner Music Group for their first major recording contract.  They recently release their debut album The Wrong Things. The album features ten tracks and runs 34 rocking minutes. Let’s dive in and see what they have to offer.  The album gets started with “Put Your Guns Down” and wastes no time in getting going. The guitars rage as the drums pound during the mini intro. The vocals then slide in with some nasty intent. They lay down lyrics that are easy to pick up. The track as a hole is really catchy and is ready to rock. It’s a great way to begin the album as it really gets you in the mood. “Bad Girl” lays down some rap style vocals that catch you off guard. The guitars rip through another track with a huge solo while the drums lay down a solid base for all. It’s a catchy tune that is sure to be a radio hit. This one is hard to ignore. “Freak In Me” continues the onslaught that they have been on. The guitars and drums once again get the party started before the vocals come in with a strong presents. The hard pounding track sounds great on the album, but it also seems held back just a bit. It hits everything right and should be repeating over and over. “Nothing Left to Lose” slows down the album for the first time. The vocals glide with the help of the soft guitars before the drums enter with a driving force. They pick the pace up just a little, but the track stays relatively somber. It’s a wonderful track and a great change of pace. It’s a track that you can sing right along with. There is also a section in there that builds and builds before it erupts in style. The offering is top notch. The titled track, “The Wrong Things,” steps up next. The band turns up the intensity once again for this tune. They let the guitars fly around like wild beasts and the drums drop some serious hits. The vocals pick up the pace as well. They zip through the lyrics with ease, but the star of the tune has to be the guitars. They kill this audition. This one is something I could listen to over and over again. “Don’t Let the Door Hit You” comes in with a sadistic feel just from the intro. The vocals come marching in and back up that theory. You can feel that there is extra energy bottled up in this one that is waiting for a chance to be unleashed. This tune would be killer live as it’s ready to bust from the seams. There are several locations where the band can get the crowd involved. “Just Like The Movies” slows the album down for the second time. It has a decent sound, but really doesn’t excite you. There are ways for slower tunes to burrow into your head and stay there but this one doesn’t have it. What it does have are clear vocals and a nice progression, but not much to keep you coming back. “People Are Strange”, the track begins very weird and takes some time to get going, but once is does it will have you captivated. The music is phenomenal and will have you coming back to this track by itself. It strikes all the right cords for me, and I myself would love to hear this one live. I think it has more potential there than on the radio. “In Their Lies” is an okay tune, but besides the fast paced guitar solo I see this offering getting lost in the shuffle. The vocals are clear and work well, but stacked up against the others it will be a second thought. “The Tracks” conclude the album with another slowdown. It offers up strong vocals laying well-written lyrics onto you the listener. The music is simple and sweet and lifts up the vocals even more on this passionate number. Overall this is a kick ass album. The band oozes confidence. The music is dynamic and can’t be ignored. The guitars go off nearly every track and hit some crazy notes. The solos are hard to beat and they will have you grabbing those air guitars and shredding things up. The drums are solid. They get into the act with huge strikes. It is great kit work as it really is the fuel that gets this off the guitar. The vocals are great too. They are easy to follow and get into. There is a nice mix of fast and slow tracks on the album. They also toss in some different styles of vocals which spice up the album a lot. This maybe one of the best debut releases this year and you will be a foul if you don't snatch it up while you can.


Rating: 9 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Bad Girl, The Wrong Things, Don’t Let The Door Hit You


Track List:

  1. Put  Your Guns Down
  2. Bad Girl
  3. Freak In Me
  4. Nothing Left To Lose
  5. The Wrong Things
  6. Don’t Let The Door Hit You
  7. Just Like The Movies
  8. People Are Strange
  9. In Their Lies
  10. The Tracks

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