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Shannon Boone - Drums
Todd Harrell - Bass
Kenny Olson - Lead Guitar
Jon Nicholson - Guitar and Vocals


            What do you get when you bring together 3 Doors Down, Muzik Mafia, and Kid Rock’s band? Well you get a binge of tunes. 7dayBinge is a side project for many artists that are currently working with other bands. They started as just two, writing some material. They tested some of it with a few of their mates from the other bands, and when it went extremely well Harrell and Nicholson decided to go all out on it. They began to write more for the project and when Olson and Boone rounded out the line-up everything fell into place. They are releasing the debut album digitally December 8th while the physical copies will be strolling into stores in January 2010. The album opens up with the title, and band named track “7dayBinge.” It will sent shivers down your spin right off the bat. The southern rocky blues roars from the guitars as they seem to just glide along with ease. The vocals are smooth as velvet (maybe even black velvet) and the lyrics are really catchy. It’s a true rock and drinking track that has a fun loving attitude and anyone can enjoy. The title track will take off. “Oak Tree” follows suit with some sweet southern riff-age, but they switch the vocals up just a bit spicing it up with a bit of a rap style in the southern voice. The guitars rip off funky notes and offers up something to get into the groove. You can tell they are having a blast making this tune. “End of the Road” has the vocals step back just a bit tone wise. The guitars and drums maintain their strengths laying down some heavy work. It’s not as stellar of tracks as the first two, but is an easy listening, sit and slip on some cold gin type of track. That is until the flair up at the end of the track. “Free” opens up with some slow simple guitar picking. It then starts to pick up the pace with more guitars flying in and a steady drum beat. The guitars flair up from time to time as the vocals are again so smooth. “I'm No Good” is another slow track that floats by on a nice summer day. The vocals steal the show with clear lyrics flowing out as the guitars ascent them well. “Coming Back Again” drops some serious bass as a whirlwind of sound streams from the guitars and drums capped off with soaring vocals. This track reaches back, putting everything they have into it and releasing the fury. “Cold Dark Grave” puts on display some sweet vocals and a groove that is easy to be consumed by. The guitars do just about everything you can image as they wail, soar, and cruise. The added stuff gives the song more spice and lets it stand out amongst the rest. It has an old-time feel to it. The album wraps up with “Good Times” a track that stretches nearly 11 minutes long. The guitars continue to soar as the drums keep up with the rest of the band. The vocals are crisp and clear, yet the lyrics say the title way too many times for my liking. The sight of track that last 6 or 7 minutes plus excite me for a couple of reasons, but at the same time scares me. They offer up a great opportunity for amazing guitar solos as well as drums solos. The band gets to let loose for the most part. Another thing that gets me going is the fact that they can change the song up and go through various transitions. The bad items of a track that long are that most times they have silence until a hidden track appears (waste of space) and the repetition of the lyrics. This one turns into an instrumental part way through the track and never heads back to those lyrics, ending with a drum solo. Overall this is a killer southern rock album with loads of potential. The smooth sound of 7daybinge had me looking over to my liquor cabinet tempted to go pull out my Southern Comfort adding in a dash of lime to cure my thrust for more southern rock. I think that they have something going and while I’d like to see more tracks than 8 the material that 7dayBinge gives forth is great. The guitars do some serious work with notes, riffs, and cords that you rarely hear. If they continue with this project something huge can become of it.


Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:


Track List:

1.      7dayBinge

2.      Oak Tree

3.      End of the Road

4.      Free

5.      I'm No Good

6.      Coming Back Again

7.      Cold Dark Grave

8.      Good Times


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