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3 Days Grace "One X"

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3 Days Grace


Adam Gontier-lead vocals, guitar

Barry Stock- lead guitar

Neil Sanderman- drums, vocals

Brad Walst- bass, vocals


The second album from 3 Days Grace, called “One X,” hits stores on June 13th.  Will they suffer the sophomore slump like so many other bands?  Can they continue their success from their platinum debut album?  After 2 years of touring they then isolated themselves from the world so that they could get their mindset back and get back to their roots. A new look and a new album has come forth. So, will they suffer the slump?  Listening to the album I say not.  This is a very hard hitting album by the guys of 3 Days Grace.  It is full of emotional lyrics and rough riffs.  This is one of the most powerful musical albums I have ever heard.  Everything connects on a high level.  The lyrical aspect of the album is solid, although they do repeat themselves a good bit.  This is a great album and a must have for any rock fan.


The album consists of 12 songs that total a time of 44.37 and believe me when I say that all 45 minutes are well spent. It is an album that you can put into your CD player and let it go, NO button pushing (skipping) involved.


Rating: 9/10


My favorite tracks:

Animal I Have Become, Riot, Gone Forever, One X



Track List:

1.      It’s All Over

2.      Pain

3.      Animal I Have Become

4.      Never Too Late

5.      On My Own

6.      Riot

7.      Get Out Alive

8.      Let It Die

9.      Over And Over

10.  Time Of Dying

11.  Gone Forever

12.  One X



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