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3 Doors Down

Time of My Life


Brad Arnold – Lead Vocals

Matt Roberts – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Chris Henderson – Rhythm Guitar

Todd Harrell – Bass Guitar

Greg Upchurch – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals


3 doors down has been around for a while now and they just keep trucking along. The Mississippi band began in 1996 and quickly hit huge success for their first single “Kryptonite.” They were signed by Republic Records and released their debut album The Better Life in 2000. They then struck again in 2002 with their second album Away from the Sun. After touring for two years, they headed back in for their third album and surfaced with Seventeen Days in 2005. This album debuted #1 on the Billboard 200 and was certified platinum within its first month of release. They debuted number one again with their 4th self-titled album. They struck for a fifth time in mid-2011 with their Time of My Life album. The new album features 12 tracks and gets started with the titled cut. “Time of My Life” begins with a great groove as Brad slips in under the radar to round off the track. The music is solid as well as those vocals to open the album up with something that can get you moving, and into what they want to do. I don't see megahit out of it, but its solid and should excite fans. “When You’re Young” sounds like a cookie cutter 3 Doors Down track. The similar music for much of the song gives you the impression that they might be unable to reinvent their sound. The vocals however are as smooth as they can be. It’s hard not to like what you hear. Although it sounds like others it will still have the crowd going crazy and eating it up. “Round and Round” is another smooth track with a section that will be perfect for an interaction with the crowd during a live set. The multiple vocals coming in and out are solid. The music surrounding them is also cool. I do believe that they repeat them a couple times too much, but other than that it’s a track that fans will once again eat up. “Heaven” is an even slower tune vocally while they let the tunes spike from time to time. It holds a deep message that you will pick up and hold as high as those cell phones and lighters. This is a tune I could see doing things somewhere, sometime. “Race For The Sun” turns the volume up just a couple ticks as they don't get crazy, but they don't stay as slow as “Heaven.” It has a bit of attitude to it as well. The guitars flair-up and have a mini solo that spices up the song a lot. It cruises along with some good qualities; however I don't see it shining very bright. “Back To Me” is a slow tune that just floats along with huge vocals and easy listening guitars. The drums are also there, but only really show themselves in transition spots. It’s a track that I think will have some impact on the public because of the lyrical content. “Every Time You Go” speeds the album back up to a walk, but with a killer number. I have heard this track many times off of this album and it has a knack of sticking with you. It is a catchy song that you can easily pick up the lyrics and sing right along with the band. It’s a hot number and will remain one for a long time. “What’s Left” is a soft number with a hidden power to it. The passion and emotion gushes from this tune and will have you closing your eyes very quickly. I guarantee that this offering will penetrate many people’s hearts and souls and touch them deeply. The lyrics will connect with fans as much as they appear to touch the band. “On the Run” runs the pace as most of the other tunes from this album. The slow and deliberate demeanor of the track is solid. It gets you into it. The guitar solo in this tune is great and the drums lead the track down the road. The vocals are clear and easy to pick up. I don't see it going huge, but for those 3DD fans that really like guitar solos this is your tune. “She is Love” glides along with soft spoken vocals and easy listening music. Couples will be holding each other during this change of pace tune as the lights will be down low. The album rolls on with “My Way.” It turns up the intensity for a rare fast tune from this album. I still feel like this is a middle tier track that just lacks that special element. The vocals are solid yet again. They are clear and easy to follow. The music is the same as well, there is just nothing special to it. “Believer” concludes the album with the fast tune on the album. The vocals are fast and lay down some serious lines. The guitars rage as the drums fire up the band. Multiple vocals come flying in and out. I really dig this tune and would have liked to have seen 2 or 3 more tracks like it. Overall this is a so-so album. It is solid, but it just lacks the wow factor. You can tell that they spent time on the lyrics as they really star during the tracks. The vocals too are well done. They are smooth and comforting. The music chugs along with a few flair-ups, but they don’t ever get too wild. There are several tracks that are ready to go off and do their thing while others I think will just sit on the album. There is just nothing that really jumps out at you and tells you “stick with me.”


Rating: 7 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Heaven, Every Time You Go, What’s Left, Believer


Track List:

  1. Time of My Life
  2. When You’re Young
  3. Round and Round
  4. Heaven
  5. Race For The Sun
  6. Back To Me
  7. Every Time You Go
  8. What’s Left
  9. On the Run
  10. She is Love
  11. My Way
  12. Believer 
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