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Brad Arnold – Vocals
Chris Henderson – Guitar
Matt Roberts – Guitar
Todd Harrell – Bass
Greg Upchurch – Drums


            Multi-platinum band 3 Doors Down, known a lot by their mega star hit “Kryptonite,” released their newest installment to their already decorated careers. The newest album, which is self-titled, is the forth from this Mississippi band. After much success from their past albums with songs like "Kryptonite," "Loser," “Duck and Run," "When I'm Gone," and "Here without You" that have all gone to #1 in one chat or another, the sky is the limit for them. The new album, which is released on Universal Republic, just like the other 3, begins with the track “Train.” It is a super catchy track with Brad’s vocals and high flying guitar riffs. It shows some live attitude to it. “Citizen/Solider” a track that has been blasted all over the air waves is a very good track. It did take a few times through to full appreciate it, but ones you do it should become a favorite. The drums have a tribal sound to them and the meaning behind the lyrics are great…sit down and read them at least once. The actual lead single “It’s Not My Time” comes up #3 on the list and at least that on the fans favorite rating. It’s a very 3 Doors Down track with solid vocals that drive the track home and drums that are steady that paces it all. “Let Me Be Myself” is a passionate cry to “let me be myself.” The heavyhearted track is one that if played live will be a light or now a cell phone lit song. “It’s The Only One You’ve Got” is another passionate track that needs to be paid close attention to. “Give It To Me” is a softer track until it explodes during the chorus. It doesn’t explode like some other bands do, but for 3 Doors Down and most of this album it does. The beat picks up a bit, drums are louder, and the vocals also change slightly. “Runaway” is an okay track with a catchy guitar and a pretty nice chorus as “When It’s Over” is soft delicate track until a minute or so and they kick it up a notch musically, but not vocally, then back to the delicate side. The final cut “She Don’t Want The World” is another soft track that includes different and new sounds to the world of 3DD. Sounds of spiritual echoes and guitars, not to mention electronic percussion and hollow sounding drums that are way in the background (begin dark and mystical). Overall this is a solid release from 3DD. There are a lot of the tracks on the album that are slower than many will like. It seems like they took a more passionate, intimate approach to connect more with the fans. They are missing some of that harder, kick ass, head banging stuff that the other albums had. It will still do well on the market and in the hearts of the fans, but it still needed a bit more piazzas to it. I would still go tell people to go out and get it though because its still solid.    


Rating:  7.5 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Citizen/Soldier, It’s Not My Time, Give It To Me


Track List:

1.      Train

2.      Citizen/Soldier

3.      It’s Not My Time

4.      Let Me Be Myself

5.      Pages

6.      It’s The Only One You’ve Got

7.      Give It To Me

8.      These Days

9.      Your Arms Feel Like Home

10.  Runaway

11.  When It’s Over

12.  She Don’t Want The World


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