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36 Crazyfists

Collisions and Castaways


Brock Lindow – vocals

Steve Holt – guitar

Thomas Noonan – drums

Brett Makowski (Buzzard) - bass guitar


Think back to where you were in 1994. Well a group of guys were forming a band in Alaska. Yep the frozen land about us that is not even attached to the other states. I don’t take anything away from the folks from up that way, but instead I give them props because when its 40 degrees I stay my ass inside as much as possible and that’s in Ohio. They guys didn’t waste any time getting their tunes out releasing their first EP in 1995 on cassette if you can imagine that. Tragedy stuck the band when one of the members passed away in 1996. They marched on and released a second EP in ’97. They then released their debut album In the Skin. They signed a deal with Roadrunner in 2000 and their debut major release hit stores in 2002. 2004 seen a follow-up album come. They entered the studio again to record their third album which never seen the light of day in the US under their current label. A deal was struck with DRT Entertainment and the album was finally released. They stayed in the 2 year form and hit stores with another new album in 2008 and are now back again in 2010 with their newest effort Collisions and Castaways. “In The Midnights” opens up the album with a sober beginning play a simple and low guitar. It begins to strike more and more cords and adding in a second guitar that gradually gets louder and louder until the power is unleashed. The drums come flying in with aggression grabbing a hold of a set of guitars along the way. Screaming vocals take over the track for the first several minutes then they give way to sweeping vocals that you can hear. They do back and forth another time with screaming vocals then clean vocals. It’s a pretty cool track once you can get into it. They are surely going to have the crowd moshing and throwing horns in the air. “Whitewater” keeps the intensity up with multiple vocals screaming at you as the guitars take over the early stages of the tracks. The drums get into the act spiking up from time to time. It really sounds like they are playing a couple different tracks then smashed them together cleaning up the transitions. As much as it switches gears I’m amazed how clean those transitions are. “Mercy and Grace” begins with a clean set of vocals this time around as the guitars and drums both get into the mix early. The guitar solo begins the rough set of vocals before changing back over to the clean set. This track is more refined for the most part, like a controlled frenzy if you will. “Death Renames The Light” holds you down and begins to beat your head in with huge drums as the snarling vocals scream at you at the top of their lungs. It gets down right nasty as it should captivate an audience. “Anchors” begins a bit slower and under control as it builds for the explosion. It ignites after a fairly short fuse and gets quiet nasty for most of the offering. “Long Roads To Late Nights” is a quick minute and some change track that is a brilliant change of pace. They don't say anything, but the tunes itself is a pleasant surprise and show that they can do something other screaming metal. If they put some words to it would really show another side of them. “Trenches” turns the dial back up as the growling vocals come into play as well as the snarling and screaming styles. The music still intense ripping their way through the crowd as “Reviver” doesn’t take anytime to get going with some clean vocals and an awesome sound. They do add in some screaming vocals, but they blend them well with the others and they aren’t too overbearing. This may be the best overall track on the album. I can actually see myself listening to this track over and over again. “Caving In Spirals” slows the tempo down for a tremendous track. I know this isn’t their normal type of track, which I’m gathering from most of the other offerings, but it is a very nice track coming deep within them. The emotion filled lyrics really reach out to the listeners as the track will consume you. I absolutely love this offering. “The Deserter” has a long intro that spikes your interest. They then go out of their mind with vocals coming in from every angle, battling each other and well as complimenting each other. The music is equally as nuts. The guys just go off on their instruments getting sick and twisted. “Waterhaul II” closes the album out with an epic 5 minutes. it begins with some cool intro tunes getting you all excited like a kid in a candy store. Multiple vocals finally break the intro up, but the track still has that epic feel to it. It just seems to go on forever with solid tunes. They turn the song into several sections. They have that long intro then introduce some vocals to the mix. After the vocals are over they go back to a long period of music. Overall this album is just okay. It’s really the tale of two halves. The first half is a chaotic whirlwind of sound and screams as the second half gives you a controlled frenzy. I have to say that the music is crazy sick. The guitars are insane and the drums can break concrete by itself. The vocals are were the tracks go wrong. I’m all for screams, growls, and snarling, but not constantly. The first track you can’t hear on damn word. This is why the second half is much better. The vocals are more controlled. They aren’t all screaming as they mix that style in with clean vocals. when they did that the tracks are at the top of the list. More of that and this Alsatian band with have the ice melting up there.  


Rating: 7 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Mercy and Grace, Reviver, Caving In Spirals


Track List:

  1. In The Midnights
  2. Whitewater
  3. Mercy and Grace
  4. Death Renames The Light
  5. Anchors
  6. Long Roads To Late Nights
  7. Trenches
  8. Reviver
  9. Caving In Spirals
  10. The Deserter
  11. Waterhaul II

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