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Dress to Kill


Adam O’Rourke – lead vocals, drums

Dave O’Rourke – guitar, vocals

Jason Wendell – bass

Adair Cobley – guitar


            2Cents was formed by brothers, Adam and Dave O’Rourke who shared a mutual love of metal bands like Pantera and Slayer as well as Southern California punk bands such as Pennywise and Black Flag. Since 2005 the band has been on nearly every road in North America hitting stages from coast to coast. They first gained national attention with the release of Lost At Sea on Gotizm/Atlantic Records in the summer of 2006. After touring for 2 years in support of the record they headed back to the studio. They came out of their third album titled Dress to Kill. The album hit stores in 2010 and since then they have been on tours with Korn, Five Finger Death Punch, Shadows Fall and BLS. The album features 13 tunes ready to kick your ass. As we dive into the album the title cut steps up first. “Dressed To Kill” begins with an intense drums intro that quickly adds in guitars to top it off. The vocals enter and the intensity takes a back set just a bit. There are several vocals sets swirling around as they draw attention away from the music. It has a cool vibe, but I have to say the best sections of the track are the vocal solos that pop up from time to time and they flow right into a killer guitar solo. It is an okay start to the album. “Love Like a Riot” is a fun sounding track that you can enjoy after you get through half of it the very first time you listen to it. It has the vibe that it would be a killer tune at a live show. The eerie and sadistic sound vocals will give you chills as well as a smile on your face. The tunes will have you either throwing those horns in the air or getting in the mosh pit. It’s an A+ track in my eyes. “Come and Get It” begins slow and draws you in close. The vocals slip in like a slippery theft and grabs your attention from the tunes. The drums stay going as the guitars take a step back for those vocals. It has a good vibe which makes it very easy to pick up (both the beat and the lyrics). It keeps the album going on the high end of things. “Deeply, Madly” is a bit time rock tune with huge guitars and driving drum. It also has killer vocals that will steamroll you if you survive the mosh pit that will accompany this tune. you will enjoy this one a lot. “Wicked By Design” has an amazing intro that gets you in the mood to rock your face off….if you aren’t already in that mood. has an amazing intro that gets you in the mood to rock your face off….if you aren’t already in that mood. Nothing is overworked, over used or forced. The track is smooth throughout the transitions which is sometimes hard for a heavier track. “Now You Know” slows the album down for the first time. The vocals take center stage as they deliver a powerful lyrical set. They also let the guitars go nuts for a lengthy and sweet solo. The track is well planned out and executed. The transitions are crisp and clean, showing no flaws. It’s a nice chance of pace. “The Distance Traveled” throws a voiceover/intro at you before switching gears for a musical intro. Once both of those items has past, the guys blaze the stage with super fast vocals and a blast of tunes. The track offers up some growling vocals while the guitars go off on a tangent. There are points were it sounds like different songs are being played, but they come back strong to close the song out. “Get What?” is a trashing good time with huge guitars and driving drums. I’m not fond of this one as a whole, but there are sections that I enjoyed a lot. I think that the lyrics are the problem for me. On the other hand though they are very easy to get into and I can see a crowd hanging on every syllable of the lyrics. “She’s Gone” is a middle of the road track. There are parts that you will fall in love with, but there aren’t enough of them to make the track standout. The vocals are clean and clear while the tunes get the opportunity to get wild. They do start to repeat the title a few time more than necessary and it take away from the track, but it’s still enjoyable. “Choose Your Illusion” is a short 2 minute plus track that those a thick bass line at you before ripping your head off with a huge scream. They then come back into with slippery sounding vocals escorted by some heavy drums. This is a huge metal tune that you will be throwing those horns into the air and headbanging. It’s a great time!!!! “Tear Down Your Reasons” changes up the pace a bit with a weird number. it’s still fast and hard, but they try a different strategy. I’m going to say that it works a little bit, but no matter how many times I listened to it I just could wrap my head around it. “Death Vegas” was one track I could wait to get to and it didn’t disappoint me at all. They begin with a siren that comes back every once and a while. They give up a sneaky sounding vocals set while the drums and guitars grind out the perfect notes to go along with them. there is a set of guitar cords that will drive you nuts as you try to figure them out. The guys also add in a gun caulking and firing. I could listen to this tune many, many times. “The Hollow” closes the album out with a mega sound and snarling vocals mixed with great backing vocals. the heavy tunes provides a great chance to heahbang before they finishes off the record. The guitar solo is amazing and will ignite the crowd into a frenzy. It closes the album out right. Overall this is a great album. this is my first experience with 2Cents and it’s not a bad one. The vocals are phenomenal. The guys throw out many different styles of vocals including growling, screaming, and snarling to name a few. The guitars fly high with multiple solos sprinkled throughout the album as well as some sweet notes and cords. The drums drive most of the tracks with heavy hitting as the bass gets to drop a few thick lines. The lyrics are sweet as well. There are several tracks that have killer lyrics that you can pick up right of the bat while others seem to come to you within a few listens. I’m so happy that I stumbled across this band and I hope that you take a few moments to take a look at this band as well.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

Love Like a Riot, Wicked By Design, Death Vegas


Track List:

  1. Dressed To Kill
  2. Love Like a Riot
  3. Come and Get It
  4. Deeply, Madly
  5. Wicked By Design
  6. Now You Know
  7. The Distance Traveled
  8. Get What?
  9. She’s Gone
  10. Choose Your Illusion
  11. Tear Down Your Reasons
  12. Death Vegas
  13. The Hollow

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