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13 Shadows

13 Shadows


Denise Donahue


13 Shadows is a singer/songwriter, pianist, guitarist, producer and feline magnet. Denise Donahue hails from New York, where she writes, arranges and co-produces what is called eerie, cinematic, emotionally charged songs. These tracks cover a variety of content with mixtures of artists in each song. The album features nine tracks and gets going with “Slide.” The tune does have that eerie feeling to it right off the bat. The vocals are haunting, but are hard to hear in places. The song sweeps right along with distinct drums, guitars, and solid vocals while playing straight to the description. “7 Years” begins with an awesome set of sounds. It offers a whirlwind sound before the haunting vocals come floating in. The sound of everything together screams like it would be in a horror flick. It’s extremely eerie and creepy which holds your attention very well. You really have to pay attention to the vocals to hear what is being said, because of all the other things flying around. There is a lot of repeating once you dive into them, but I don’t think it hurts that track at all. “Descend” is a slow moving track with passionate vocals that will send shivers down your spine. The music behind the vocals doesn’t do very much until the back half of the tune. You are just about ready to skip to the next track when those drums enter. I think this is something that you let play when it comes on in certain places, like cleaning the house or folding clothes, but other than that it’s a skip moment. “Out of Phase” is kind of like the last track. It takes a long time for the music to come into the fold. The vocals are solid, but you get a little bored with the track. There is no doubt that Denise has a great voice, but some of the music is lacking thus far. “Kamera” gets a bit more aggressive in places, but again begins with a slow moving effort. They introduce some solid tunes a lot sooner than the tracks before this one and they sound pretty good. There are sounds like there are some computer generated items in this number which isn’t always bad, but the normal instruments show up in this one as well. It’s a nice little tune that I can see getting some play somewhere, however it does seem to last a bit too long. “Energy” is a low key number with sweeping vocals and simple tunes. It really doesn’t excite you very much, but offers up passion and well written lyrics. “Belong” gives you more great vocals as Denise’s voice is silky yet mysterious. Musically there is a little more intriguing than the previous tune which helps out. It again doesn’t excite you much, but it keeps you around for a while. The sound is pure and the lyrics are solid. “Erase U” is a bit upbeat than most of the tracks on this record. The vocals are much of the same and although the tracks tempo for the most part is faster, the track does offer up the slower portions. “Broke” wraps up the album with a song that has the vocals set back in and moves rather slow. It doesn’t sound that bad as the vocals are crystal clear. I really like the lyrics; however they do repeat a pretty good bit. Overall the album is not that bad. It does lack excitement; however the technical aspect of the release is solid. You can hear the time and effort that went into the writing process. The vocals are really good and are so soft. That softness is a strong aspect of this record, but is also something that hurts it at the same time. There needs to be some more range in the vocals as well some extra things going on in the music department. The base is there but, I think more needs to be added. The album needs that spice.


Rating: 6 out of 10

Tracks to Watch:

7 Years and Kamera


Track List:

  1. Slide
  2. 7 Years
  3. Descend
  4. Out of Phase
  5. Kamera
  6. Energy
  7. Belong
  8. Erase U
  9. Broke


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