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12 Stones - Anthem for the Underdog

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12 Stones

Anthem for the Underdog


Paul McCoy – Vocals

Justin Rimer – Guitar

Eric Weaver – Guitar

Aaron Gainer – Drums

DJ Stange – Bass


             12 Stones comes back swinging with their third album, after taking time off from music to grow as individuals and as a band. “Anthem for the Underdog,” titled because of how they feel about themselves iwithin the music business, took great strides in their latest journey. Though they think that they are underdogs, this album will let them rise up and get some of the warmth of the sun (spotlight) on their faces and keep growing.

            12 Stones offer up a harder, rockier album this time around. After being a fan through the first 2 albums, I accept this sound whole-heartedly. It sometimes makes you want to get up a break something. The album starts off with what should be a smash hit, the album titled track “Anthem for the Underdog.” It’s a solid song that has clear vocals and unique drums, along with great guitar play. “Lie to Me,” is a slower song but a solid one. It has amazing lyrics that everyone should read, especially since we have all been where the song takes us. The forth track on the album, “Adrenalin,” shows off that harder, break shit side. This is a killer song that is going to be simple outstanding live. “Arms of a Stranger,” has amazing music all around. Lyrically is goes back to “Lie to Me,” were a lot of us have been before. The 10th song of the album, “Games You Play,” has an unbelievable beginning. This is another song that is just going to blow you away live, you can just feel the energy that is waiting to be unleashed. They also give you another glimpse of a different side with an additional “Lie to Me” track. This is a very solid album that I would be proud to have in my collection. It’s a must have in my opinion.

Rating: 8 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Anthem For The Underdog, Adrenalin, Arms Of A Stranger, Games You Play


Track List:

1.      Anthem For The Underdog

2.      Lie To Me

3.      Broken Road

4.      Adrenalin

5.      It Was You

6.      This Dark Day

7.      World So Cold

8.      Arms Of A Stranger

9.      Hey Love

10.  Games You Play

11.  Lie To Me (Acoustic)


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