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10 Years - Division

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Jesse Hasek – vocals

Ryan "Tater" Johnson – guitar

Matt Wantland – guitar

Lewis "Big Lew" Cosby – bass

Brian Vodinh – drums, backing vocals


            Back in 2004 right after a lineup change 10 Years released an independent album Killing All That Holds You. The label Republic/Universal quickly snatched them up and released their major label debut, The Autumn Effect on August 16, 2005. With that album came 2 huge hits, “Wasteland” and “Through The Iris,” along with huge tours. During the summer of ’05 they toured with Disturbed and Ill Niņo and that same fall they toured with Breaking Benjamin and Smile Empty Soul. Once those wrapped up they hit the road once again on the Masters of Horror, then on Korn's See You On The Other Side tour, and the Family Values Tour, which started in late July 2006. The band then went and started writing their follow-up album with releasing a teaser track on myspace and then lead single “Beautiful” soon after. The end result was their sophomore album Division. The opening track “Actions & Motives” gets things moving as 10 Years opens up the jar of clay and begins to mold themselves. The track is super catchy with lyrics like “bear the cross, wear the crown, there’s just some evil that you can’t bleed out.” It sticks in your head. It also has great vocals and killer tunes in the back. It makes you craving for more. “Just Can’t Win” is a radio friendly track that takes a few listens to truly like. It one of those tracks that take time to warm up to. It’s a super smooth track that is practically flawless. Next is the lead single “Beautiful” and just like the lead track from the debut album “Wasteland” I can’t get enough of it. There is really nothing more to say than that, its just simple a great track. “11:00am (Daydream)” steps up to the plate next. The minute affair is a bit long and outro is a bit odd and long as well. It does have a heavy does of guitars that with the vocals of Jesse lead the track. If they cut off the ending the track would be a great one, but with it is just an okay track. “Dying Youth” spins off 6th with a simple and graceful release that showcases Jesse’s vocals it goes along with the sound of “Beautiful” as well as “Wasteland” in spots because of the way the lyrics roll off Jesse’s tongue. “Russian Roulette” begins with a drum focused intro with vocals flooding in soon after. It has great vocals that are featured in a sweet chorus.  They rip off a huge track right smack in the middle of this album that could equal the impact of “Through the Iris” from the debut album. “Focus” is a track that will make you repeat it over and over because of its addicting sound of the vocals and squealing guitar. “Drug of Choice” picks the tempo back up with a fast track that also features some very true lyrics. Take a listen, read the lyrics then listen again to grasp the track fully. Although it is a good song, it does repeat some and that to me lessens the impact of the track. Track 9 “Picture Perfect (In Your Eyes)” slows the pace down a bit with a nearly six and a half minute adventure. It’s a solid track as a whole with everything mixing together with perfection, yet it like “11:00am” it has a lengthy outro that is not necessary. The last section of the album begins “All Your Lies” a tune that has interest holders with great guitar work, an almost tribal sound to the drums and clear vocals. “So Long, Good-Bye” the bands tries their hands with an acoustic song. An elegant track that grabs your attention and lets you know that lyrics and songwriting is important. They also show that they as a band doesn’t always have to be hard, heavy, or dark sounding, but passionate and emotional as well. “Alabama” picks the pace back up with a cleaver sound as they start slow and race to the finish with a heavy dose of music with racing guitars and steady drums. The end of the album comes with “Proud of You” which is what every fan of 10 Years should be saying about the band when the album concludes. The song begins with a dose of pianos and soft but super powerful male vocals. Throughout the track they also add in some female vocals. This is a bone chilling track won’t leave you alone. I had to play it a few more times than the other track because I found myself just listening to it without taking note or anything. It will leave you with your jaw dropped and wanting more. Overall this is a great album. There are a few things I didn’t like, which were the very long outros and the repeating of lyrics too much, but there were far more that I loved. This is an outstanding second effort that could and should be considered for album of the year. Its going to be hard to bet out Disturbed, Shinedown, and/or Rev Theory (which are my front runner), but they still can be considered.     


Rating: 9 out of 10

My favorite tracks:

Beautiful, Russian Roulette, Focus


Track List:

1.      Actions & Motives

2.      Just Can't Win

3.      Beautiful

4.      11:00am (Daydreamer)

5.      Dying Youth

6.      Russian Roulette

7.      Focus

8.      Drug of Choice

9.      Picture Perfect (In Your Eyes)

10.  All Your Lies

11.  So Long, Good-bye

12.  Alabama

13.  Proud of You


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